Here at REVOLAX, we’re constantly looking to stay on top of the industry leading trends with tips and techniques from the best. Whether you’re looking to enhance natural beauty or to fill scars and dips, it’s all about how you embrace confidence through the tweakments that you choose. Let’s take a look at what 2020 has in store for the aesthetic industry…

Keeping things subtle

Instead of having drastic improvements, the trends of 2020 are set to see clients looking for more subtle enhancements that glow the natural beauty of their features. As people become aware that a little filler goes a long way, it’s predicted that customers will look to add a little filler at a time. In order to look like a more ‘Instagram-filtered’ version of themselves.

Cheek Fillers

Throughout 2020, cheek fillers are set to rocket in popularity due to the desire from clients to have a natural contour to the face that creates a youthful, uplifted smile. Cheek fillers not only work to combat volume loss but improve under-eye bags, dark circles and sagging jowls.

Injecting Confidence

No matter what cosmetic tweakment you choose to enhance your natural beauty with, wear it with rejuvenated confidence. Dermal fillers are a great way to help you shine and, as we head into a new year, there’s no better way to feel refreshed and ready to take on 2020.

Ask about REVOLAX in your local clinic today.We’d love to know which trend you’re most excited to try out.