3D Rejuvenation – What is it?

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As 1st October marks International Day of the Older Person, it’s time to shed light on the latest trend that works to boost added confidence in the older generation. With the start of a new season comes a chance to refresh and rejuvenate the skin with the help of the Nation’s favourite dermal filler, REVOLAX.

As full-face contour is honed as the real-life Instagram filter, 2+ syringes of dermal fillers are injected into the targeted areas in order to contour, define, strobe and highlight the same products which would typically be contoured with cosmetics products. Further to this, many clients of 3D Rejuvenation feel a boosted self-confidence following the procedure due to the slimming and lifting effects that are created and help to enhance natural features.

Through the injection of hyaluronic acid to create defined features in areas such as the cheeks, lips, jaw, chin and temple, restored volume in enhanced to create a more rejuvenated, plumper look for clients.

REVOLAX dermal fillers create a perfect combination for 3D rejuvenation treatments due to the variety of products including REVOLAX Fine, REVOLAX Sub-Q and REVOLAX Deep.

Dr Mark Gorman, REVOLAX Ambassador commented: “Through the use of high-quality products such as REVOLAX, my clients receive superb results that they couldn’t be happier with.”

“Facial contouring can give a boost of confidence with small, noticeable changes that improve the facial shape but not drastically. The whole procedure ensures the client looks fresh and rejuvenated but still natural.”

The Nation’s favourite dermal filler, REVOLAX is only available from Fox Group companies including Fox Pharma, Fox Clinic Wholesale and REVOLAX UK.

When will you help your customers go from summer glow to party perfect with the introduction of 3D facial contouring?

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