Since the introduction of REVOLAX into the beauty and aesthetics industry in 2016, the dermal filler has rightly earned the title of ‘the Nation’s favourite.’ Deciding whether or not to have dermal fillers is a personal choice and, if you’re a first-timer, can be a daunting decision before going under the needle. If you’re thinking about getting a rejuvenated, natural-looking end result through REVOLAX treatments but aren’t sure of the procedures, you’re in the right place. Let us share a helping hand.

Less is More

As the age-old saying goes, less is more. REVOLAX Ambassador, Dr Mark Gorman stated,  ‘The end goal should be for people to be able to notice there’s something a little brighter about you, but they can’t tell what! Sometimes, only a small amount of filler needs to be added to unexpected places to make huge results that build on self-confidence.’. Upon consultation, we recommend discussing the end results with your practitioner in order to successfully achieve a natural-looking end result that leaves you shining with confidence even when you’ve left the treatment room.

Choose an Experienced Practitioner 

It may seem obvious but your practitioner is just as important, and if not more so, as your dermal filler product. Choose a practitioner who you trust and has results that you’re happy with from previous clients.

Embrace a High-Quality Dermal Filler 

With high-purity hyaluronic acid and high visco-elasticity, REVOLAX holds the properties for natural-looking treatments. The high visco-elasticity allows for the dermal filler to break down evenly with a natural finish due to the malleable consistency that creates a long-lasting and immediate result.

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