‘Too Hot to Handle’s Emily Faye Miller (27) is no stranger to injectables and explained how had previously had lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections as a preventative measure. However, like most of the aesthetics industry, Emily has recently decided to take a more natural approach to augmentations after she had her dermal filler dissolved and re-filled by celebrity doctor and REVOLAX Key Opinion Leader, Dr Motox.

In a press release published after the Too Hot to Handle series, Emily stated: “I do get lip filler. But on the show, my lip filler looks so dodgy, it’s embarrassing to watch!”.

This may have been Emily’s motivation for dissolving her previous lip filler with the help of Dr Motox; aiming for a more natural pout without compromising on volume. 

Dr Motox is a highly sought-after celebrity aesthetics provider with clinics located on London’s Harley Street, Chiswick and Bournemouth and the South Coast – providing an array of injectable treatments including dermal filler dissolving. Many celebrities including Love Island’s Faye Winter are returning clients of Dr Motox with the aim of a transformational pout and Dr Motox says that dissolving to do over is the way forward. Speaking to Dazed Beauty, Dr Motox on facial aesthetics trends explained: “Whilst lip fillers are still a huge market, it’s dropped back a bit recently. A lot of influencers are having very exaggerated filler work ‘dissolved’ and redone into something more subtle and natural that will suit their faces” which is seemingly the aim for Emily Miller and her lip filler journey. 

In an Instagram post shared on Dr Motox’s social, he shared a stunning picture of Emily fresh off the needle explaining how Emily had visited Motox’s chic Harley Street clinic for correction work on her lips after her Netflix debut. For this transformation, Dr Motox first dissolved Emily’s pre-existing dermal filler to remove any traces of overfilled, migrated filler. He then re-filled Emily’s lips using REVOLAX Deep to give Emily a subtle definition in her lips with the emphasis of a sharper vermillion border, as explained in Motox’s post. To achieve the perfect pout for the star, Dr Motox re-filled Emily’s dissolved lip filler over 2 sessions using a unique technique to ensure the perfect subtle shape was achieved without the compromise of volume or definition – describing them on his Instagram as ‘juicy and sharp’.

REVOLAX Deep makes for the perfect option when correcting previously dissolved lip filler due to its thick and longer-lasting properties. Lasting between 12-18months, REVOLAX Deep is a popular dermal filler choice as it adds volume and definition to the injected area. Moreover, REVOLAX Deep is formulated with a natural substance optimised to synchronise with human skin tissue to give a natural-looking result. Moreover, REVOLAX Deep has a low percentage of product migration, meaning that once injected the product is more likely to stay close to the injection site with accuracy.

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