Considering booking a dermal filler appointment but unsure of how the quantity used will affect your desired look? Confused about how results differ between 1ml and 2ml treatments? Uncertain about how many syringes your treatment will require? 

Whilst the exact amount of filler injected will differ from patient to patient, we are here to explain the difference in quantities and to explore how far 1ml of dermal filler really goes. 

It can be hard for patients to determine how much dermal filler is needed to achieve their desired results. Every patient has a unique goal, meaning the required amount of filler will differ. Aside from a patient’s goals and objectives, numerous factors affect how much dermal filler is required.  

These may include: 

  • Amount of volume loss in the injected area 
  • The depth of the lines and/or wrinkles  
  • The area being treated 
  • The original size and shape of the features 
  • What type of dermal filler is being used 

Many practitioners offer facial enhancement packages over 4ml. Patients may be confused about how much filler is necessary for enhancement, with many being wary of the overfilled, unnatural look. The measurement of filler used can be just as impactful as the placement when it comes to achieving results. Both underfilling and overfilling can result in an adverse outcome. We are here to debunk the myths about the ml in your dermal filler syringe.  

How Far Does 1ml Of Dermal Filler Go? 

When it comes to evaluating the efficacy of 1ml of dermal filler, patient expectations may differ from what is realistically achievable. 

So, let us explore how far 1ml of dermal filler goes. 1ml is equivalent to around 1/5 of a teaspoon, whilst measuring one millilitre of dermal filler may seem overly stringent, in the world of aesthetics it is crucial. Every decimal in a millilitre determines the fine line between the perfect results and an over-filled pout that many patients wish to avoid.  

How far 1ml of dermal filler goes depends on the area that requires filling; distinct types of dermal filler are used to treat different areas of the face and have different qualities. For example, different types of dermal filler are used to treat the lips and the nose, as the treatment areas require different grades of dermal filler to achieve the most desirable results. The nose requires a thicker dermal filler substance, such as REVOLAX Sub-Q, whereas REVOLAX Fine is much thinner in consistency and is best suited for the lips.  

A credible aesthetics practitioner will know how much dermal filler to use for each area, which is why it is essential to visit a trained professional when opting for dermal filler treatments. 

Is 1ml Of Dermal Filler Enough? 

For many treatment areas, 1ml of dermal filler is plentiful. However, as listed above, a range of factors impact how much dermal filler is required to achieve a patient’s goal. For example, if a patient has experienced significant volume loss in their cheeks, due to the natural ageing process – more than 1ml of dermal filler will be required to help restore the lost volume. However, for lip augmentation, 1ml of filler is often a sufficient measurement for a plumper-looking pout.  

Aside from the area is being treated, the natural proportions of your face should always be considered; if you have naturally larger lips, more or less dermal filler may be required to achieve your ideal result. 

Essentially, whilst opting for 1ml as a standard measurement is an appropriate choice for certain areas and smaller tweakments, more than 1ml may be required for other areas of the face, as a single ml may not make a discernible difference. 

Can 1ml Of Dermal Filler Look Unnatural? 

Like most injectables, what you may consider to be an ‘unnatural’ will depend on the patient’s desired outcome. What one patient may perceive as natural, another may disagree, and the choice comes down to personal preference. 

However, depending on the area is being treated – in most scenarios, 1ml of dermal filler will not necessarily give you ‘unnatural results’, especially when using a high-quality dermal filler brand such as REVOLAX. With the REVOLAX range, this Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler works to enhance the features most naturally and subtly without compromising on volume or lift.  

The injecting practitioner will always advise on the correct amount of dermal filler needed to meet your goal. Achieving natural yet effective results is a fine balance that goes beyond simply the allocation of mls, requiring expert placement from a skilled practitioner. 

For a dermal filler brand you can trust, regardless of the ml, find out more about REVOLAX here