From anti-wrinkle treatments to non-invasive augmentation using injectables, aesthetic treatments have evolved immensely over the years, continuously changing to accommodate patients’ demands. Demand for the ‘perfect side profile’ has rocketed as of late, with patients becoming more aware of their appearance following the ‘zoom boom’ of the pandemic. Due to this, clinics have seen a rise in demand for jawline filler treatment, as more patients are seeking a defined side profile. 

Why Do People Choose Jawline Filler? 

A well-defined jawline is often cited as a critical component in the perception of facial attractiveness for both men and women. However, jawline-altering surgery and fat-dissolving methods that aim to sculpt the jaw often entail a lengthy list of complications and a prolonged recovery process.  Jawline filler offers patients a non-surgical, temporary method of correcting, slimming or defining the jawline by simply adding dermal filler to create the illusion of a sculpted side profile.  

This minimally invasive method offers clients an opportunity to alter their facial structure without going under the knife – an appealing concept for many clients who are unhappy with their side profile. 

What Are the Benefits of Jawline Filler? 

Jawline filler has many benefits, including the ability to restore a youthful look for mature clients. When we age, we experience a loss of volume in our faces, which can lead to retraction of the jawline. The skin around the jawline may also begin to droop creating jowls. Jowls are essentially sagging skin around the jawline, an issue that occurs as the skin begins to lose its elasticity and where facial ligaments weaken, reducing support in the jaw area. Clients may look to dermal fillers for added volume and tightening of the area, to encourage a fresher-looking appearance.  

Jawline filler also provides patients with a non-surgical alternative to jawline reshaping (mandibuloplasty). Unlike surgical jawline contouring, jawline filler boasts minimal downtime and a quicker, more straightforward procedure. Patients can be in and out within 30 minutes, with minimal risk of complications. 

 Some patients also opt for the injectable treatment to help balance an asymmetrical jawline or to add proportion to the chin. As we age, our faces can naturally become more asymmetrical; this is because although our bones stop growing at puberty, the cartilage continues to grow with age. This means that the ears and nose grow and change as you age, which may cause asymmetry. Jawline filler replaces lost volume and re-contours the jaw, helping to restore balance, making it the ideal procedure for rectifying facial imbalance. 

Who Is Suitable for Jawline Filler? 

An effective and long-lasting treatment, jawline filler is a popular non-invasive solution for both men and women. Jawline filler is ideal for patients wanting an elongated or defined look in the lower face area. It is also a good option for those who have lost volume along their jawline over the years. It is suitable for patients over the age of 18. 

Which Product Is Best for Jawline Filler? 

While there is an array of injectable dermal fillers used for non-surgical jawline reconstruction, practitioners should opt for a thicker and more viscous dermal filler to create more structure. REVOLAX Sub-Q is one of the most popular choices for lower face sculpting, especially along the jawline, as it has the thickest properties within the product line.  Sub-Q has the advanced ability to mould, maintain structure and longevity and is recommended for jawline augmentation, as it requires a thicker substance to fill. 

Advanced practitioner, Claire, at Aesthetically Perfect explained: 

“I love to use Sub-Q for my facial sculpting; there is no dermal filler on the market that lifts as REVOLAX Sub-Q does with such minimal product that is required for the desired effect. It is amazing on the jaw and my clients love the results.” 

 REVOLAX Sub-Q also has impressive longevity lasting between 12-18 months.  

Is Using a Toxin on The Jawline More Effective? 

Another method of slimming and altering a weak jawline is with the use of a toxin such as BOTOX on the masseter muscles. BOTOX is commonly associated with anti-ageing for its ability to freeze facial muscles, thus reducing movement and wrinkles. However, jawline BOTOX can also work to reduce the appearance of a square or prominent jawline. Further to this masseter BOTOX can also tackle medical issues such as teeth grinding, TMJ disorder and related headaches.  

Whilst jawline filler and masseter BOTOX both work towards achieving similar goals, jawline filler is a much better option for clients looking to sculpt their jawlines whilst BOTOX aids in slimming down jawlines in older clients and aiding medical issues. 

Jawline filler offers patients a safe and effective option for achieving a chiselled jawline with minimal downtime.