As we continue to absorb ourselves in the sweet sensations of the Christmas period, Here at REVOLAX we’re diving headfirst into the season of sparkle with sass, syringes and of course, snow fairies!

With an abundance of events, the annual work party and every celebration in-between, we’re preparing ourselves for the glow-up season with a helping hand from REVOLAX (and no, we’re not talking Christmas decorations). Instead, we’re talking about the ways that we can help you look, and feel your best in-time for the flurry of festivities. For those seeking the perfect pre-party pick-me-up, non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers can help you achieve the perfect Christmas ‘elfie!

But where do we start when it comes to sleighing the season? Here’s  our REVOLAX treatment guide, for a glow-up that’s brighter than your Christmas tree. 

Smoothing Fine Lines

Utilising dermal fillers to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the face is a subtle yet effective treatment for rejuvenating the face. Intended to refresh complexions, fine line fillers are a perfect party-season treatment to help soften the signs of ageing for a photo-ready look. Fine line fillers are a fuss-free opportunity to help regain a youthful appearance to complexions, without the need for invasive surgery and at a fraction of the cost. Fine line treatment areas include the crow’s feet, marionette lines, nasolabial folds and other wrinkles on the face. 
Dermal Filler Match: REVOLAX Fine is the most lightweight dermal filler within the range and has been developed for the treatment of superficial lines – making it the perfect dermal filler for smoothing fine lines. Upon treatment, REVOLAX Fine quickly absorbs into the skin creating a very natural and healthy look to the injected area – improving overall appearance.

Lip Filler

Lip filler is an amazing and effective dermal filler treatment, no matter the season. But during the festive period, nothing says Merry Kissmas like a plumped-up pout waiting underneath the mistletoe. There are various lip filler techniques for clients to choose from, including the Russian Lips technique and the Cherry Lips method,  that promise clients a natural-looking pout. With the abundance of selfies snapped during the Christmas period, lip fillers are one of the most popular treatments for those looking to refine their lip shape. Practitioners should tailor each lip filler treatment for the client’s aims, to ensure that the shape is complementary to the rest of their features. Whether the goal is to balance lip asymmetry, restore volume or to help define the shape of the lips – lip filler is an amazing treatment for a host of patients. 

Dermal Filler Match: For lip filler treatments, practitioners favour REVOLAX Deep for long-lasting and defined pouts. REVOLAX Deep is a thick and longer-lasting gel, developed for the treatment and augmentation of the lips and other facial features.

Dr Motox Lip Filler Results | Instagram: @dr.motox

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

For the perfect side profile and those viral-worthy ‘elfie angles, non-surgical rhinoplasty should be your treatment go-to. Intended to help profile balancing of the face, non-surgical rhinoplasty helps patients to achieve the perfect side profile by altering or reshaping the nose with dermal filler. Like traditional rhinoplasty, non-surgical rhinoplasty is intended to refine the appearance of the nose, helping clients to achieve their desired profile and involves directly injecting dermal filler into these areas to temporarily alter the structure and shape of your nose with a festive-fairy-like tip. 

Dermal Filler Match: REVOLAX Sub-Q is the go-to option for moulding and maintaining the structure of the injected area. With the thickest properties within the product line, REVOLAX Sub-Q is recommended for treatment of the nose and other areas that require a thicker substance to fill.

Dr Motox Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Results | Instagram: @dr.motox

How To Sleigh The Season:

The key to sleighing the season with REVOLAX is to choose treatments that help to enhance your natural beauty to make you look, and feel, your very best.  Treat yo’elf to the treatment that will help you feel confident, bold and brave in time to party the night away. Make sure you tag us in all your selfies on Instagram at @revolax_uk; there’s ‘snow’ dermal filler like REVOLAX!

Qualified practitioners can buy REVOLAX products directly from the official UK licence holders, Fox Pharma , Fox Clinic Wholesale and REVOLAX.