Alexa, play Mistletoe by Justin Bieber. As we approach Christmas Day, our calendars become busier as we prepare for the festivities ahead. With so many events towards the end of the year, everyone wants to look and feel their best, so treat yourself to a little self-care in the form of a REVOLAX appointment. Whilst we’ve passed Hot Girl Summer, it is still, as always, the time to have fun and love yourself. Being unapologetically you, here at REVOLAX, we encourage you to be fearless, confident, and bold, no matter what time of the year.

Here’s how you can perfect your pout with REVOLAX this festive season…

Dermal-fill your stocking: what is lip filler?

Whilst you’re thinking about your Christmas party outfits, if you want the perfect partner for a festive bold red lip, then lip filler is a great match. With long-lasting results, REVOLAX is the gift that keeps on giving for the perfect pout under the mistletoe. Let’s talk about what lip filler is, and what the treatment entails to achieve impressive results.

Lip filler is a personal decision, and can be used to volumise, balance or shape and define. Whilst restoring volume in your lips, it can enhance lip size and shape, and also soothe wrinkles. Typically, lip fillers last 12-18 months, and will slowly wear away over time.

What you can expect from the treatment procedure? Dermal fillers are designed to be a quick procedure, but there are risks of potential side effects. The common side effects include bleeding, bruising and swelling. With minimal downtime, the swelling should go away between 24 and 48 hours, but could take up to a week. 

Pout prep with REVOLAX

There’s ‘snow’ filler like REVOLAX…

Here at REVOLAX, we promote self-love and confidence from the inside-out. As The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler, we help you to feel empowered, and encourage you to be your best self! Introducing our REVOLAX range, there are three dermal fillers which can accompany you through the festive season, including REVOLAX Fine, REVOLAX Deep, and REVOLAX Sub-Q.

REVOLAX Fine: The most lightweight dermal filler within the REVOLAX range. Treatment areas include superficial lines, roe’s feet, glabellar lines, and neck wrinkles.

REVOLAX Deep: REVOLAX Deep is thicker than FINE but not as thick as Sub-Q, and has been developed to treat deeper wrinkles and augmentations. The mono-phasic hyaluronic acid filler is designed to be injected into the deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue and is perfect for use on the nasolabial folds and augmentation of the cheeks, and chin and lips.

REVOLAX Sub-Q: This has the thickest properties within the product line. With its advanced ability to mould, support structure, and longevity – REVOLAX Sub Q is recommended for treatment of deep to severe wrinkles, including nasolabial. This product also works best for cheek, nose, and jawline augmentation that requires a thicker substance to fill.

A True REVOLAX Kissmass

How does REVOLAX enhance the lips? Developed with high quality hyaluronic acid, the dermal filler is optimised to synchronise with human skin for a natural finish. High visco-elasticity is one of REVOLAX’s stand-out properties, helping to champion flawless results, so you can be your best authentic self. With immediate and long-lasting volume as the result of its malleable consistency, REVOLAX breaks down evenly, in order to achieve a natural-looking result. Whilst REVOLAX Fine and REVOLAX Deep cater for lip contouring, REVOLAX Deep also works to plump the cheeks and nasolabial lines to restore the smile to the natural position.

Pout prep with REVOLAX

With the mistletoe at the ready and the Christmas lights switched on, it’s time to pucker up with REVOLAX this season. With the glitz and glam of the festive month, treat yourself for sky-high confidence and book in with an aesthetic practitioner at a REVOLAX clinic. What’s your party season prep?

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