Here at Fox, we are proud to support the LGBTQIA community. As industry-leaders, we strive to ensure that the aesthetics space is welcoming and inclusive for all, as we understand the power of aesthetics treatments such as dermal filler, when it comes to self-confidence and identity affirmation.

This pride month, we caught up with some of our clinics to discuss how the aesthetics industry has embraced the LGBTQIA community. Dr Motox, top celebrity aesthetics doctor and non-surgical nose expert, discusses the celebration of individualism and self-love within the aesthetics industry and the LGBTQIA community.

Clinic Catch Up: Dr Motox

What is one piece of advice you’d give anyone struggling with their identity this Pride month?

Dr Motox: “It’s all good and well saying just be yourself! But I can understand that’s quite difficult for some people.” He stressed the importance of surrounding yourself with a support network of friends and loved ones, to help you navigate your identity journey.

Do you think there’s a stigma surrounding non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the LGBQT community?

Dr Motox: “I don’t think there is stigma, I think it’s quite celebrated, I think because of the diverse nature of the people I see… people celebrate it, they’re happy to have filler and talk about it.”

How do you celebrate Pride in clinic? 

Dr Motox: “We are very lucky to celebrate pride every month here – we have a very diverse range of clients where we can celebrate all of the time.”

Do you think non-surgical cosmetic treatments have helped to empower people in the LGBQT community and allowed them to be themselves?

Dr Motox: “Totally yes, especially in some areas of the community where we’re trying to make dramatic changes, for example femininization or masculinisation. I think it really empowers these people and gives them confidence. I love being able to create that!

Diversity, Inclusivity and Aesthetics Treatments:

Fillers are used by practitioners to add subtle volume and definition, helping to enhance individual features. This in turn can help to create a more masculine or feminine profile, depending on the client’s desired outcome. Whilst every treatment is as unique as each individual client, filler is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments on the market, renowned for its ability to sculpt and refresh the complexion.

Non-surgical Facial Feminisation with Filler:

Natural-looking fillers such as REVOLAX Fine can be used to minimise the look of fine lines and dark circles, promoting a refreshed, soft-focus appearance. Popular with a diverse range of clients, REVOLAX Deep is often used to create a plumper-looking pout, whilst retaining border definition. Ideal for those looking for temporary structural augmentation, REVOLAX SUB-Q can be used to add volume to the cheekbones and chin, or to soften the angle of the jawline, creating a more heart-shaped and traditionally ‘feminine’ facial structure.

Using Filler in Non-surgical Facial Masculinisation:

Deeper injections of REVOLAX SUB-Q can also help to define the jawline and give the chin a more angular look, for a more masculine-looking profile. A more prominent brow-bone or supraorbital ridge is a defining feature of masculine facial structure. REVOLAX Deep may be used to achieve a more structured appearance. These gender-affirming treatments can be used to enhance the facial changes acquired during hormone therapy.

Aesthetics is an industry that promotes self-confidence and individualism, encouraging people to feel the very best that they can and to be comfortable in their own skin. We’re proud to celebrate the LGBTQIA community and promote diversity within the industry. Ever-advancing treatment options offer non-surgical alternatives that enable both transgender and cisgender clients to enhance or transform their natural features, helping them to see reflected in the mirror the person that they are inside.

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