Alongside individual treatments, many clinics now offer profile balancing filler packages, which involve patients paying for 3-5ml of filler to be distributed across their facial features. The treatment involves the strategic placement of filler, working to achieve a more well-balanced side profile and can deliver impressive results. We discuss this increasingly popular treatment and the benefits of profile balancing with REVOLAX. We’ll also explore how much filler is required to achieve an enhanced and stronger-looking profile.

What is profile balancing?

Also referred to as Profiloplasty, facial profile balancing is a cosmetic treatment that seeks to enhance an individual’s profile by altering the proportions of the features using dermal fillers. Aesthetic profile balancing should seek to achieve harmony from hairline-to-jawline. Offering transformative results without the downtime of traditional surgery, each treatment incorporates bespoke augmentation, tailored to the individual patient’s natural facial structure and desired outcomes, and may span a range of treatment areas.

Rather than focusing on augmenting a specific feature, profile balancing fillers are used to enhance the overall look of the face through ‘tweakments’ to the facial proportions. By creating adjustments to the ratios, proportions, convexities and projection of the features, practitioners can help their clients to reach their facial aesthetic ideals. Practitioners should aim to balance the proportions of the forehead, cheeks and cheekbones, nose, lips, chin and jawline, seeking to harmonise the proportions of the face from the side view.

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Why are profile balancing fillers so popular?

The increased popularity of this treatment can be attributed to cultural shifts such as the use of Instagram filters that appear to enhance the structure and symmetry of the face, alongside the rise of TikTok content creation, as the face is visible from all angles when captured on video. Patients are seeking to enhance the overall look of their features with a more natural-looking approach, creating a more angular and ultimately balanced profile.

Historically, non-surgical aesthetics treatments have typically analysed the features from an individual, one-dimensional perspective, whereas practitioners are now increasingly aware of the need for a comprehensive 3D assessment of the entire face during a consultation.

The popularity of profile balancing packages may also be due to the significant impact that lower-facial rejuvenation can have on a patient’s facial structure. Often overlooked, chin augmentation can dramatically alter a patient’s profile, working to soften and offset the appearance of a strong nose by bringing the lower face forward. By sharpening the jawline and adding definition to the lower chin, practitioners can balance a patient’s more prominent features to create a more harmonious appearance.

What type of profile balancing fillers are best to use?

Profile balancing treatments require a high-quality dermal filler to help patients achieve their desired results. Hyaluronic Acid based fillers offer immediate results, as opposed to PLLA fillers such as Sculptra, which offer gradual results over time. HA fillers can also be dissolved, meaning that treatment results are reversible, providing a low-commitment alternative to traditional cosmetic surgeries.

REVOLAX is a class III, CE-marked medical device that has passed all stringent UK safety testing. The REVOLAX range consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that produce natural and long-lasting results, available in three diverse formulas. Structural augmentation using dermal filler requires a thicker and more durable gel, such as REVOLAX Deep or REVOLAX Sub-Q.

Discover the REVOLAX Range for profile balancing


REVOLAX Deep is a thick and longer-lasting filler, developed for the treatment of deep wrinkles. Its volumizing properties make it ideal for augmentation of the cheeks, chin and lips, along with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Deep is thicker than REVOLAX Fine but not as thick as Sub-Q. Immediately visible, the results last between 12–18 months. Shop REVOLAX Deep here.


REVOLAX Sub-Q has the thickest properties within the REVOLAX product line. It boasts an advanced ability to mould and maintain its structure, making it ideal for lower facial rejuvenation. It also offers longevity with results lasting between 12 and 18 months.  Sub-Q is recommended for treatment of severe wrinkles, alongside augmentation of the cheeks, chin, nose, and jawline. These areas require a thicker filler gel to fill, in order to create definition and structure. Shop REVOLAX Sub Q here.

How much filler is used for full facial balancing?

When it comes to profile balancing filler treatments, patients pay for the overall quantity of filler used, rather than a specific treatment area. Full-face profile-balancing packages usually offer 3ml, 4ml and 5ml options to encompass the augmentation of the jawline, cheeks, chin, lips and nose. The practitioner will then advise on the best placement and distribution of filler to enhance the individual’s profile.

How long does profile balancing take?

Profile balancing appointments typically take around 30 minutes to carry out. However, you should expect the consultation to take a little longer. This is usually more in-depth as the practitioner must carefully consider the filler placement and product distribution, in order to achieve the client’s desired results.

How long do profile balancing fillers last?

When profile-balancing treatments are performed using a longer-lasting high-quality crosslinked dermal filler such as REVOLAX Deep or Sub-Q, patients can expect the results to last between 12-18 months, on average. The thicker gel structure of these products allow them to maintain their structure, offering enhanced longevity for patients.

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Profile balancing offers a versatile treatment option for patients who are looking to strengthen and enhance their side profile by defining and harmonising their facial features. The treatment is ideal for patients who are struggling to identify  a specific treatment area to focus on and are ultimately looking to improve the overall balance and proportions of their face.

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