REVOLAX has been traveling around the UK, meeting the doctors, nurses and practitioners who use and love REVOLAX. Each week, another practitioner will share their story, and give you some insights into why we truly are the Nation’s Favourite dermal filler.

In a beautiful suburb of Bolton, we met with Cath Partington, an experienced nurse who took us and her dog on a walk around the beautiful landscape to tell us about herself and why she uses and loves REVOLAX.

Cath: I’m a paediatric nurse of 33 years and have spent the last 26 years working in Paediatric Intensive Care, where I have been an advanced practitioner since doing my Masters in 2007.

Cath: I also run an aesthetics business alongside and find my clients are appreciative of a health care trained professional, practicing in this industry in the local area.

Cath: REVOLAX is a safe and sufficiently tested product to use. The HA properties as well as the easy reversal were also influencing factor from the safety aspect.

Cath: I find the fillers quickly mold to the client’s tissue, leaving little in the way of lumps or bumps. A nice, subtle and smooth enhancement.

Cath: My client’s feedback has been that they look and feel fantastic without anyone being able to tell they had anything done. This speaks volumes for me.


We say goodbye to Cath and get back on the road to our next destination. Where? We won’t say. REVOLAX is taking us all around the UK so if you want to know who we meet up with next, you will have to stay tuned for the next #TravelTuesday.