REVOLAX has been traveling around the UK, meeting the doctors, nurses and practitioners who use and love REVOLAX. Each week, another practitioner will share their story, and give you some insights into why we truly are the Nation’s Favourite dermal filler.

This week we travelled to Chester, England to meet with Dr Glyn Estebanez, a trained surgeon, facial aesthetician and founder of Prima Aesthetics. On our walk around the beautiful city that is Chester, Dr Estebanez told us about his experiences with REVOLAX.

Glyn: So, I grew up in Chester. I always had a strong bond with the people and the city and whilst I travelled around the country and actually the world training as a surgeon; it’s when I came back to the UK, I realised I really missed the bond with the city and realised how much I really appreciated the warmth and the culture and heritage that Chester provides.

Glyn: So, obviously as I trained as a surgeon, I have that in-depth knowledge of anatomy, but I also have this passion to be creative and use that knowledge of anatomy in a very creative way and aesthetics allows me to do that.

Glyn: I think it’s the ability to take a client who comes in, who has always been really self-conscious about a particular thing to do with their face and it’s the ability to use a product like REVOLAX and have such a profound impact on the quality of that person’s life and their confidence. I think ultimately that is what really draws me to this career.

Glyn: REVOLAX is a perfect combination, because it allows me to use a high-quality product and use a product which I know is going to behave exactly how I want it to under the surface of the skin and this allows me to achieve those desired and very natural looks that my clients want.

Glyn: By far and away the most common reaction I get from clients is just that ‘Wow’. They see themselves and they don’t see somebody who looks different. They see somebody who looks naturally rejuvenated.

Dr. Glyn Estabanez

As much as we loved our trip to Chester, it is time to say goodbye and get back on the road. In another city, another facial aesthetician is waiting for us. Stay tuned for next week’s #TravelTuesday to find out where we travel next.