REVOLAX has been traveling around the UK, meeting the doctors, nurses and practitioners who use and love REVOLAX. Each week, another practitioner will share their story, and give you some insights into why we truly are the Nation’s Favourite dermal filler.

We travelled to the largest city in the UK: London. Here, we met with plastic surgeon, non-surgical doctor and REVOLAX Ambassador Dr Mark Gorman at his Weymouth Street clinic to talk to him about his career and his favourite dermal filler while getting a tour of England’s capital.

Mark: I played pro sports until I was twenty-two, then I went to med school. Originally, I wanted to do psychiatry but then changed right into surgery, came across plastic surgery and that became my love.

Mark: The great thing about being in London is, it offers everything. Whatever you want, whether it is top end theatre, sport, creativity, art – for me, plastic surgery – it’s a great place to be.

Mark: The great thing about non-surgical work is that you get to instantly re-shape somebody’s face. In a matter of minutes, you can take someone who has had a hook nose that has bothered them their whole life or somebody who wants to bring their chin forward. You know, you will get people who will look in the mirror and cry with happiness which is a pretty good thing to be able to do with very low risk.

Mark: You want a filler that feels natural and feels like the tissue that is around it. The three different fillers that REVOLAX offers, Sub-Q, Deep and Fine, match different tissue consistencies really nicely.

Mark: Recently, I have seen a change in my client base, and have begun treating celebrities. For these, you want something this is completely reliable.. I think that’s why REVOLAX excited me.

Dr Mark Gorman

As we get back on the road and leave London, we take a last look back at one of the world’s biggest beauty metropolitan. We had a great time here, but our journey is far from over. Do you want to know where we go next? Stay tuned for next week’s #TravelTuesday and join us on our road trip around the UK.