From the Love Island day beds to the Ru Paul’s Drag Race runway, REVOLAX is loved and praised by celebrities and everyday users alike. With stars including Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Faye Winter and esteemed drag stars Brooke Lynn Hytes and Gottmik boasting the transformative powers of REVOLAX, it’s no wonder it quickly became the UK’s number one dermal filler brand after its introduction to the UK market in 2017! But, where did it all begin?

This article will detail the story so far, from humble beginnings to industry leaders. We will also be debunking myths surrounding these innovative injectables, giving you all the juicy deets, and answering questions including ‘Is REVOLAX a good filler?’, ‘Why is REVOLAX so cheap?’, and ‘Where is REVOLAX made?’

The REVOLAX Story So Far

While we were all watching the London 2012 Olympics and making videos to ‘Gangnam Style’, skincare experts in South Korea were setting out to reshape the landscape of dermal fillers with a daring, bold new product.

Since its subsequent 2017 launch into the UK market, REVOLAX has quickly become an industry-leading hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler. Now named the UK’s number one dermal filler, REVOLAX has provided practitioners with a product that features a unique cross-linking structure for low migration, which has allowed for thousands of satisfied clients with unbeatable results over the past seven years.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used across the REVOLAX product range, REVOLAX Fine, REVOLAX Deep, and REVOLAX Sub-Q all boast a high viscoelasticity for immediate and long-lasting volume while remaining smooth and easy to inject. This also makes them less painful for you (yay!).

With all of this in mind, it should come as no surprise that REVOLAX has gained the title of The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler. The innovative technology and extreme attention to quality used in this product have gained an incredible following and made the REVOLAX line market leaders in the dermal filler space.

Is REVOLAX a Good Filler?

If you judge a dermal filler on its low migration, high viscoelasticity, and unbeatable value for money then, yes REVOLAX is a good filler! But seriously, REVOLAX is an incredible filler that boasts a unique cross-linking structure, meaning once it’s injected, it’s not budging (only once it’s broken down naturally by your body, of course). We’ve all heard migration horror stories of people going from perfect pout to trout pout, but REVOLAX users get to sleep well at night knowing their filler is here to stay. Well, for nine to 12 months that is.

If that wasn’t enough, the high viscoelastic formulation of the REVOLAX product range keeps the dermal fillers easy to inject, which is great for practitioners but also makes a REVOLAX treatment less painful than many other dermal fillers! So, when people ask ‘Is REVOLAX a good filler?’ there’s only one clear answer… yes!

REVOLAX Treatment areas

Between the three fillers in the REVOLAX range, you can target all areas of the face. Each product has a unique consistency, making it ideal for enhancing specific treatment areas of your face.

REVOLAX Fine is designed to address crow’s feet, glabellar lines, neck wrinkles, lips (Russian Lip Technique), and superficial Lines.

REVOLAX Deeps is perfect for non-surgical rhinoplasty and the augmentation of the cheeks, chin, and lips.

REVOLAX Sub-Q is made to treat deep-sized to extremely severe wrinkles, nasolabial folds, cheek, chin, nose, and jawline augmentation.

Why is REVOLAX So Cheap?

The question on everyone’s (perfectly pumped) lips is ‘Why is REVOLAX so cheap?’. Some call it magic, whilst others have raised an eyebrow. But the answer is simple. The REVOLAX product line comes out of the skincare capital of the world, South Korea, where there’s a higher production volume. This enables us to offer you a high-quality, revolutionary dermal filler at a fraction of the price – it’s girl math really.

Setting REVOLAX at an affordable price does not mean we compromise on quality. Absolutely not. We take quality seriously, that’s why all REVOLAX dermal fillers are Class III, CE-marked and legal to use in the UK as they meet all stringent safety tests. This means they pass all rigorous EU and UK quality standards to ensure their safety.

Where is REVOLAX Made?

REVOLAX is designed and manufactured in the beauty capital of the world, South Korea, where it undergoes stringent quality testing and is able to take advantage of the latest and greatest aesthetic and cosmetic technologies. If you’re not already onto K-beauty trends, this is your sign. South Korea is years ahead of Western countries in terms of skincare and aesthetic sciences, and you can expect the same from their dermal fillers!

Are Korean Fillers Safe

If we haven’t gone on enough about the quality and safety of REVOLAX yet, we’re here to say again that Korean fillers are safe! REVOLAX undergoes extensive quality tests in both South Korea and here in the UK, meeting both UK and EU safety standards to ensure total user safety and satisfaction. These cutting-edge injectables boast a leading safety profile, achieved through rigorous quality checks that remove any traces of the cross-linking agent BDDE from the finished product to maximise safety and reliability.

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