REVOLAX has been traveling around the UK, meeting the doctors, nurses and practitioners who use and love REVOLAX. Each week, another practitioner will share their story, and give you some insights into why we truly are the Nation’s Favourite dermal filler.

We started our road trip in Fife, Scotland where we met with Dr Heather McCallum, a GP and aesthetic practitioner. She took us out into the beautiful scenery of Fife and presented us with a stunning backdrop for our interview with her.

Heather: After graduating medical school, I perused a surgical career which lead to jobs in neurosurgery, orthopaedics and general surgery but it was cosmetic surgery that interested me the most. I love the variety that being a GP brings but after a while I wanted to utilise my surgical skills and my artistic abilities more.

Heather: There is an art to aesthetic surgery. We are all different and we all have a clear idea of how we want to look. I want my clients to look and feel their best and it’s my clinical opinion that REVOLAX achieves this.

Heather: REVOLAX is easy to use, smooth, malleable and affordable. It delivers uniform absorption over time and provides predictable and natural results.

Heather: Before discovering REVOLAX I would carry numerous formulas of fillers by different manufacturers to treat different areas. Now I use Fine, Deep and Sub-Q for pretty much everything.

Heather: My clients want value for money and amazing results when they look in the mirror. When Clients ask what fillers I use, I always tell them that my preference is REVOLAX.

Dr. Heather McCallum

We enjoyed our time in Fife with Dr Heather McCallum and are looking forward to our next destination. To find out where our journey takes us next, stay tuned for next week’s #TravelTuesday. Another city and another REVOLAX practitioner awaits.