REVOLAX has been travelling around the UK, meeting the doctors, nurses and practitioners who use and love REVOLAX. Each week, another practitioner will share their story, and give you some insights into why we truly are the Nation’s Favourite dermal filler.

This week we’ve reached another destination on our road trip through the UK. We stopped in Hereford to meet with Shelley Folkes. She showed us Hereford’s stunning city and answered all the questions we had for her.

Shelley: I’ve been a nurse for 20 years and I have been an aesthetic practitioner since 2016. I now run a clinic here in Hereford.

Shelley: I love REVOLAX because it ticks all the boxes for me. It’s great to work with as a practitioner because it stays where you put it and doesn’t migrate. It’s smooth under the skin and integrates beautifully with the surrounding tissue.

Shelley: I find the results are noticeably better with REVOLAX and I now almost exclusively use this brand based on my client’s preferences.

Shelley: I’m deeply passionate about building confidence and self-esteem in people but especially women.

Shelley: The work I do goes so much further than skin deep. Ultimately my goal is for every client of mine to look in the mirror and be happy with what they see.

Travel Tuesday

We say thank you to Shelley for the great day we have had in Hereford and get back on the road. Where to? Stay tuned for #TravelTuesday to find out where the trip takes us next.

Travel Tuesday