The number of men looking for dermal filler treatments has steadily been on the rise for years. Men are becoming increasingly aware of their appearance, and an ever growing number are seeking out medical professionals who can help them achieve the youthful looks they desire. Surgeons reported that the demand for non-surgical cosmetic wrinkle treatments amongst men has risen 310% since the year 2000, and is continuing to grow. Dermal fillers and Botox are not just for women, and more and more male patients are heading for the clinics.

REVOLAX Ambassador Dr Mark Gorman states that the amount of treatments he is performing on males is ever-increasing, and now 1-in-10 of his patients are male, with the most popular male treatments being tear trough filling, jawline contours and chin structuring. Restructuring the chin and jawline to create a squarer shape is said to give the face a more masculine appearance.

REVOLAX Sub-Q serves as scaffolding for the face due to its high viscosity and dense structure. It gives structure to jaw and chin and can create the desired shape for a long time due to its highly crosslinked gel and the good viscosity.

REVOLAX Fine is often used for the tear trough area to reduce dark under eye circles and give a rested, more awake look to the face. The tear trough treatment is especially popular for business men who claim, a more youthful and rested look gives them the edge in their jobs to be considered for promotions and closing more deals with important clients.

Looking dynamic and awake allows for boosts their credibility with their industries und provides them with more confidence. When REVOLAX Fine is injected into the tear trough area it gives very subtle volume to this part of the skin and reduces dark circles and tired appearances.

With age, the face loses volume which can cause hollow cheeks and wrinkly skin. REVOLAX Deep is most commonly used to fill thinned lips and even out deep folds like nasolabial lines. It can also be used to define cheeks and give the appearance of high cheekbones which is a signature masculine feature and highly desired to create a squarer shaped face.

The amount of men who bring images of male actors or models to the clinics to discuss their options for similar facial features has increased over the last years and is predicted to continue to rise.

REVOLAX is suitable for male and female skin and can give different results depending on the injection technique and the practitioner’s knowledge of male facial structures. One of REVOLAX’s stand out properties is its high viscosity which makes a thick and dense filler with a longevity of up to 18 months. These properties make REVOLAX the perfect choice for men looking for dermal filler treatments who are looking for a natural look without any downtime afterwards.