When receiving a dermal filler treatment, the risk of complication is fairly low,however, in the event that the filler needs dissolving, the aesthetician must know how to do this successfully and safely.All REVOLAX dermal fillers can be completely dissolved using hyaluronidase. Here we’ll share everything you need to know about dissolving REVOLAX.

What is REVOLAX dermal filler made out of?

To understand how to successfully dissolve REVOLAX dermal filler, it’s important to understand the properties of REVOLAX. All products within the REVOLAX range are made up of the highest quality, non-animal based Hyaluronic Acid. This is a completely natural substance that merges seamlessly with skin tissue to plump, refresh and rejuvenate. Depending on whether REVOLAX Fine, Deep or Sub-Q are used, the dermal filler begins to break down in the body naturally between 6-12 months, depending on the metabolism rate of the client’s body.

How to dissolve REVOLAX

Hyaluronidase, or more commonly known as Hyalase, is the enzyme that naturally breaks filler down in the body. Therefore, by injecting the enzyme, this allows the area to regain natural shape quicker. Hyalse works quickly with developing time of 24 hours after treatment,however, results should be seen only a few hours after Hyalase has been injected.In order to allow the skin to settle following a dissolving treatment, it’s advised to wait at least two weeks until the next HA dermal filler treatment.

What are the risks?

Although risks are minimal, Hyalase may cause allergic reactions. If this is the case, the client should seek medical advicefrom their practitioner.

At REVOLAX, we always recommend for clients to seek advice from their medical professional before getting injected.This should be done in a pre-treatment consultation to manage both client and practitioner expectations and discuss the procedure in the unlikely event that the dermal filler does need dissolving.

If you’ve got more questions on how to dissolve REVOLAX dermal fillers, our dedicated customer service team are just a phone call away! If you’re feeling a little more social, head over to our Facebook to join the conversation there.