Cater your Clinics for Male Patients

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As reported by The Guardian, the demand for male beauty treatments is growing. With the trend in male blow-dries increasing by 200%, waxing up by 85% and 25% of men having regular nail appointments, it may be time for your clinic to embrace the way of the man and cater for genderless treatments. With this in mind, Elle magazine reports an increase in all-male beauty salons with the global male grooming industry now worth an estimated $50 billion. So, how can you tap into the male market without losing your feminine brand identity? Take a look at our top tips for target the men.

Get Digital

Create a section on your website for men and their treatments that gives a more masculine feel. As your male clientele may not be as clued up on the latest beauty and cosmetic treatments, make sure your treatment descriptions give all the information and are easy to understand with non-technical terms.

Create a Safe Space

Men often feel intimidated when it comes to cosmetic treatments due to the old-fashioned stereotypes. In order to combat this, make them feel comfortable with clearly defined male sections of your salon with attractive interiors and product displays.

Social Media Strong

Including male models and reviews from male clients into your social media campaign is a great way to attract new customers. Reposting content can make clients feel that they are part of a familiar group and encourages brand loyalty as they feel values to the business.


Use your current female clientele to bring in male customers. Offering couples discounts and treatments will allow men to feel more comfortable and be more likely to return to the environment if they see it to be familiar.

With the beginning of the new season, now is a great time to refresh your clinic with a more masculine touch. We’d love to see images of your space – head over to our social channels to join the conversation!

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