With an array of concealers and under-eye makeup promising to banish dark circles for good, we know the struggle with dark circles can often be strenuous and ongoing. Sometimes, litres of water and hours of sleep just don’t work. This can be due to dark circles being genetic. To combat this, let us introduce you to dermal filler treatments for the undereye. 

Why do we get dark circles? 

As we age, the tear trough area becomes thinner and therefore is more susceptible to showing dark circles. The tear trough area can be treated with Hyaluronic Acid. This stimulates the production of collagen and therefore improves hydration and elasticity and reduces the visibility of dark circles and shadowing.  

Through the injection of dermal fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid, this allows for the tear troughs to look plumper, more rejuvenated and refreshed and combats dark circles.  

Which dermal filler should I use? 

The key to correctly filling the tear trough and combatting under eye circles is injecting a hyaluronic acid filler. This increases moisture and plumpness. If you’re looking to embrace a tear trough treatment, we recommend turning to REVOLAX dermal fillers and enquiring about REVOLAX Fine in your local clinic. REVOLAX Fine is often used to give a more awake look to the face, especially in the tear trough area, due to the thin viscosity of the product and impressive results. 

Depending on factors such as the individual’s metabolism rate, REVOLAX Fine lasts between 8-12 months. This means you’ll be free of dark under eyes!  All dermal fillers within the REVOLAX range are CE marked medical devices meaning they are safe to use within the EU. Following a REVOLAX dermal filler treatment, patients will see visible results immediately. Downtime is minimal and can be hidden with makeup 24 hours after the treatment.

If you’re looking to combat dark circles in 2021, ask about REVOLAX in your local clinic today.