With dermal fillers being the rising star in the night sky of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, it was only a matter of time until the predominantly female industry welcomes a growing, male client base. While dermal fillers can be used for both, male and female patients alike, the trends and aesthetic goals vary between the sexes.

We talked to REVOLAX Ambassador and trained surgeon Dr Glyn Estebanez about the shift we see in dermal filler patients and his experiences with male clients.

The male aesthetic beauty standards vary strongly from female aesthetic goals. While women are generally looking for plumper, rounder features; square chins, straight noses and strong jawlines are traits desired by most men due to their association with masculinity and strength. Dr Glyn Estebanez, can see his own patient’s desiring these beauty standards:

‘The biggest current trend in males, with regards to dermal fillers, is cheek and jawline augmentation. This is a great combination of treatments which can add definition and strength to the face, whilst also creating better balance and a more aesthetically “handsome” appearance,’ he says.

In recent years, the rise of dermal fillers has impacted male and female patients with changing trends and new ideals. The constantly changing aesthetic goals have made their impact on dermal filler trends, however, the combination of cheek and jawline augmentations for men, have not only stayed a desired treatment but have skyrocketed in popularity according to Dr Estebanez.

In addition to the sought-after augmentation treatments, mature clients have added new trends to the list. ‘I have found that more mature clients are appreciating the importance of maintaining a balance to the face in a way that further complements the more well-known cheeks and jawline augmentation. Filler treatments such as restoring volume to the temples, lower cheeks and tear trough are fantastic at replacing lost volume in the face. They complement the impact of cheeks and jawline augmentations and allow us to achieve an overall refreshed and more youthful look.’

However, the aesthetic industry is mainly dominated by women which is why many men fear the feminisation of their face when they go for a treatment. With the male representation of non-surgical aesthetic treatments being very small, it is hard for many clients to imagine how dermal fillers can help them with a more masculine look when all they see in the media are feminine features.

Having a trained professional performing the treatments who has experience with male patients, is the key to an aesthetically pleasing result. ‘A feminised face can occur when practitioners don’t fully appreciate the anatomical differences between male and female faces and how the proportions, angles and structures differentiate,’ explains Dr Estebanez, ‘this is why it’s vital to have treatments performed by medically trained practitioners who have this depth of knowledge.’

It’s no secret that men and women age differently. The structure of the dermis and the amount of subcutaneous fat in the face, are two of the main differences between the sexes and are the reason why the male aging process differs. Men generally tend to get less wrinkles, however, they usually go deeper. Severe wrinkles and furrows in the face can be treated with products like REVOLAX Deep and REVOLAX Sub-Q.

The choice of product is another thing male and female patients alike should look out for. Dr Glyn Estebanez has worked with many products over the years and has treated his fair share of male patients. His advice is: ‘Make sure that the product is of the highest quality such as REVOLAX, and also that the balance and proportions of the face are maintained. Often to get the best results, rather than focusing on just one area, you need to treat the face as a whole. Whilst this does involve using a greater volume of filler, this is where REVOLAX stands apart from its competitors as a high-quality and cost-effective way to carry out these full-face enhancements and achieve the best results.’

With REVOLAX, all clients are welcome, regardless of their gender and aesthetic goal. Confidence is unisex and so is REVOLAX.