Full Face Contour with REVOLAX

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Beauty gurus all over social media make it seem like a utopic fantasy to have crisp jawlines and high cheekbones without undergoing expensive surgery or spending hours doing makeup. For everyone who wants to have those features for more than a day but does not have the time, money or nerve to undergo surgery, dermal fillers can be the answer. Thanks to hyaluronic acid perfect aesthetically pleasing features without surgery and downtime have now become a reality. Full Face Contour is the latest trend and easily achievable with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Fillers used to be known as an option to treat wrinkles and give Kylie Jenner her signature pout but are now in high demand for facial contouring. The idea behind it is simple. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like REVOLAX Sub-Q add volume to areas of the face which have either lost their plumpness due to age or are naturally less voluminous. By adding filler into the desired outer parts of the face like cheeks, temples, chin and jawline, facial shapes can be changed without losing the individuals own beauty.

The results of this contouring will look natural and harmonise facial features and structures. It is therefore important to pick a practitioner with experience. A trained expert can look at a client’s face with an aesthetic eye and judge where filler has to be added to balance out the desired new high cheekbones. To avoid changing client’s faces to a point where they may not recognise the person in the mirror, client and practitioner alike need to have a realistic understanding of what can be achieved with the treatment and how much filler is going to be needed.

Plastic surgeon and REVOLAX Ambassador, Dr Mark Gorman, has years of experience with dermal fillers and has been practicing full facial contours on his patients. ‘I have a lot of clients coming into my clinic enquiring about facial contouring. As an aesthetic practitioner these treatments require a good aesthetic eye and a clear understanding with the patient. Every client will get a different result from it because everyone’s facial structure is different. When done by a trained practitioner the results can look incredible and my patients love them,’ says Dr Gorman.

REVOLAX contouring can create facial high points and more prominent features which will allow for natural and artificial light to hit it in just the right way to create a glowing, highlighted appearance. REVOLAX Sub-Q is the most desired product for facial contouring due to its highly cross-linked consistency which also means that the results can last up to 18 months.

18 months of perfect facial contours without hours wasted on makeup routines and removals. The hyaluronic acid in the filler provides a natural glow and healthy structure to the skin, giving the client a beautiful reflecting highlight on the high points of the face all day every day without a setting spray.

The trend of full facial contouring using dermal fillers has taken over the aesthetic market and more and more clients are finding their ways into the clinics to enhance their features and tweak their facial shapes for a more aesthetically harmonised end result. Ask your trusted aesthetic practitioner about full facial contouring and what REVOLAX can do for you.

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