International Men’s Day

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Here at REVOLAX, enhancing natural beauty and building confidence is at the core of all we do. In recent trends, we’ve seen the ladies making their mark on their own versions of beauty and owning the enhancements that they choose so, for International Men’s Day 2019, we’re shining the spotlight on the marvellous men that get involved in tweakments that make them feel as great as they look.

With a continual rise of reality television shows such as Love Island paired with an increasing accessibility of cosmetic procedures, the benefits of dermal fillers have become more prominent to male client bases.

As reported by The Guardian, the demand for male beauty treatments is growing. With the trend in male blow-dries increasing by 200%, waxing up by 85% and 25% of men having regular nail appointments, it may be time to embrace the way of the man and cater for genderless treatments.

REVOLAX Ambassador and Fox Academy trainer, Dr Mark Gorman recently commented on the increasing popularity of male orientated cosmetic procedures. He said, “Since 2017, we’ve seen a real increase in male patients who are wanting to look more masculine through dermal filler treatments.

The biggest trend for males is cheek and jawline augmentation which allows for the client to obtain a more chiselled, sharper jawline which adds definition to the face and is stereotypically seen to create a ‘more handsome’ end result. As International Men’s Day is upon us, it’s time to accept that dermal fillers for men are just as popular as female procedures.”

When using REVOLAX, both male and female results are equally as impressive and aesthetically pleasing. When will you book in for your REVOLAX procedure?

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