We welcome Dr Glyn Estebanez into our team of REVOLAX Ambassadors and are very much looking forward to working with him. Dr Glyn Estebanez is a trained surgeon, facial aesthetician and founder of Prima Aesthetics. He has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons since 2011 and has worked in centres of excellence in the UK and internationally. We met him in his clinic in Chester to talk to him about his thoughts and experiences with REVOLAX.

Glyn: The reason I’m delighted to be an ambassador for REVOLAX is because REVOLAX is a high-quality product that’s extremely safe and allows my clients to achieve the desired natural looks that they want.Glyn: The reason my clients love REVOLAX is because it’s a cost effective, high quality product and importantly because it contains hyaluronic acid. This means that if our clients develop any complications, which happens very rarely, then we can dissolve the product safely and rapidly. This is why I love REVOLAX and this is why it has taken the market by storm.Glyn: I think when you use any new product which is as cost effective as REVOLAX is, you always have it in the back of your mind that you are sacrificing either longevity or quality. The thing that really blew me away with REVOLAX was, not only were my clients getting that longevity that they wanted but also as a product it was a delight to use. When you take all of these things into consideration there really is no reason not to use REVOLAX.Glyn: From a safety perspective, I’ve never had any problems with REVOLAX It’s been thoroughly tested in the South-East-Asian market and in the European market. And the fact that it’s a high-quality product and contains hyaluronic acid, which means its reversable, it means that from my perspective, if the client were to develop any rare complications then I know I can always dissolve it.Glyn: REVOLAX is very safe and it’s a very high-quality filler. But obviously we are performing a slightly invasive procedure. Any time we use needles or cannulas there is a risk that our patient can develop bruising or bleeding. Very rarely there is a risk that they can develop an infection but it’s really important that we tell all of our clients about the risk of compression of a blood vessel or injecting filler directly into an artery, but because REVOLAX contains hyaluronic acid it means we can always dissolve it.Glyn: From my perspective, what sets REVOLAX apart from the competitors is that the product is of the highest quality. From a practitioner’s perspective, it’s easy to use. It gives me the consistent results my clients demand and also, it’s a cost-effective product. So you have to ask yourself: why wouldn’t you use REVOLAX?Glyn: In terms of the longevity of REVOLAX, it’s dependent on the person and it’s also dependent on the product we use. With the thicker types of products like Sub-Q, I tend to tell my clients it lasts usually round about 15 months. In terms of the thinner product so REVOLAX Fine, it tends to be a slightly shorter duration. So roughly between 9 to 12 months.Glyn: The quality of REVOLAX is fantastic. I’ve never had any problems when using it and in fact it actually makes my life as a practitioner really easy because, when I’m performing a treatment it’s so nice to use. After the procedure I know it’s going to respond exactly how I want it to respond.