We are delighted to introduce Dr Mark Gorman, the founder and Director of Rejuvedoc Ltd., a Plastic Surgery Registrar, Aesthetics Doctor, and now: REVOLAX Ambassador. Dr Gorman’s main interest with non-invasive cosmetic treatments lies with treatments such as skin peels, Botox injections and dermal filler treatments . He is an active tutor in the aesthetics industry and has published and presented his work on national and international platforms. We met up with Dr Gorman and asked him some of our burning questions.

Mark: I’ve been doing aesthetic procedures for about ten years.Mark: Compared to other elite fillers it performs very well as a volume restorer as a re-shaper of the face to re-sculpt. It is somewhat of a game changer due to its affordability.Mark: I got involved because I believe in the brand.Mark: Recently, the trends have been towards reshaping chins, bringing them out, re-sculpting jaws, moving noses up and to do this you often need larger volumes. This is where REVOLAX comes in due to its affordability.Mark: I think you can overcomplicate this question. It’s CE-marked like most of the other fillers. It’s made of hyaluronic acid which doesn’t vary. The variances that most practitioners like myself are interested in are questions like how long does it last? Does it have complications? Does it spread when you put it in a certain area? And with REVOLAX, I don’t have these worries.Mark: One of the nice things about REVOLAX is it’s got a low migration potential so therefore, for example, if you put it into the top of the lip line it’s less likely than other fillers I’ve used to spread upwards and migrate into other areas.Mark: In terms of duration, it lasts about the same as other industry brands that I’ve used that are considered to be the kind of top of the market elite brands.Mark: Simple answer is it’s as save as any other filler. It’s made of hyaluronic acid and the risk really is based upon technique and if people inject too deep in an area that should be superficial and vice versa and if they are not aware of the anatomy of the face sufficiently. In terms of regulation it’s gone through the same CE marks and testing that all other fillers have and therefore I can unequivocally say it’s safe.