REVOLAX has rightfully earned the title of the Nation’s favourite dermal filler and, since it’s introduction to the UK beauty and aesthetics industry in 2016, has taken the market by storm. At affordable prices, the REVOLAX range encompasses longevity, high quality and constantly pleasing results for clients, but what do the doctors think of it? We spoke to Dr Mark Gorman, plastic surgery registrar and founder of London-based clinic, Rejuvedoc, and Dr Glyn Estebanez, facial aesthetician and founder of Prima Aesthetics, to get their thoughts on using REVOLAX in their clinics.

We asked Dr Glyn Estebanez ‘Are REVOLAX dermal fillers high quality?’

Take a look at what Dr Mark Gorman had to say on his opinions of REVOLAX’s safety.

Plastic surgery registrar and founder of Rejuvedoc, Dr. Mark Gorman shared his thoughts on the quality of REVOLAX.

Wondering if it’s possible to dissolve REVOLAX? Take a look at what Dr Glyn Estebanez has to say on the topic.

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