National Lipstick Day

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Whether you’re a fan of nudes, statement reds or beachy corals, it’s no secret that a pop of lipstick can add the finishing touch to an outfit or boost self-confidence for a glowing smile. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra coated her lips with a shade of crimson made from grinding red beetles, showing that lipsticks have been significantly important through the ages. For National Lipstick Day, we’re celebrating the effects that REVOLAX treatments can have on your day-to-day make-up routine. Let us share our thoughts and tips.

Following the enhancement, lips can feel more hydrated due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid. The molecule holds 1,000 times its water in weight, which makes its hydrating qualities a favourite for beauty experts.

As reported by ELLE Magazine, ‘hyaluronic acid is critical in maintaining skin hydration as it acts as a magnet for moisture, which helps cells to retain as much as possible in order to feel plump and healthy.’ Therefore, make-up routines can often be adjusted to suit this with the use of natural-looking lip products that enhance the procedure.

Long gone are the days of lipsticks drying in fine lines and lip wrinkles. With smoother, plumper lips, lipsticks can glide on smoothly without settling in unwanted creases. For the lovers of matte lips, this makes the process of application much easier.

A sweep of lipstick can empower whilst channelling both modern and classic make-up trends. At REVOLAX, we’re constantly looking to empower our customers with treatments that provide natural-looking end results. When will you try the Nation’s favourite dermal filler and embrace your natural make-up routine?

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