Revolax is the latest Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler to be sweeping the market and to understand the reasons for it’s expanding success it is necessary to examine the product in comparison with it’s main rivals.

Revolax has been approved by the MHRA and has under gone clinical trials, further information about these can be found at  It has had to pass stringent safety tests in order to meet the standard to obtain a medical CE mark which allows it to be used and sold in the EU.

It’s HA is not derived from animal products, it is produced via biosynthesis, which is a process that utilises bacterial growth and gene manipulation to produce large quantities of HA.  This is then maximally filtered which ensures that only minute levels of endotoxin remain, the endotoxin is a by-product of the production process, however Revolax contains as little as possible due to the maximal filtration process i.e. less than 1.2IU/ml.   This provides a product of the highest purity which consequently confers a low risk of immunogenicity or rejection by the body, which already places it ahead of leading fillers in terms of safe usage/ reduced risk of reaction.

The structure of Revolax is dense and regular which makes it durable and consistent.  This gives a smooth, soft finish along with uniform resorption over time. Due to its unique cross-linking methods, Revolax has a significantly lower phase angle than its monophasic competitors; meaning that there is very little risk of product migrating away from the injection site. Revolax high elastic modulus means that the product holds it’s form well whilst still being malleable enough to mould into shape and maintain movement.  Revolax has a very high degree of cross linking and is high amongst the leading products in this regard.

Unlike it’s rivals at the lower end of the cost spectrum Revolax is Monophasic and polydensified, it has the advantage of being a cohesive, smooth, uniform gel whereas other fillers in this price bracket are biphasic, particulate fillers. These do not have such a smooth consistency or uniform particle size, meaning that they do not result in such a natural finish.  The particle fillers also consist of free HA in solution which is much more easily broken down by the body and therefore the filler lasts for considerably less time than its monophasic cross-linked counterpart.

There are three forms of Revolax depending on the area needed for injection:-

Revolax Fine:  Targets the superficial top dermal layer and is therefore ideal for crow’s feet, forehead lines, neck wrinkles, Glabella lines and Tear Trough treatments.

Revolax Deep: is the most popular of the Revolax family and targets the mid to deep dermis making it ideal for the naso-labial folds, deeper lines on the forehead, laugh lines, lips, nose and chin augmentation.

Revolax Sub-Q: is the deepest of all of the Revolax family this targets the deep sub-cutaneous layer and is ideal for cheek augmentation or where a deeper fill is required.




In conclusion, Revolax shares the same premium qualities as the market leading dermal fillers and in a lot of cases it outperforms them. It is significantly lower in price, due to the fact that it is owned and distributed by Revolax UK, who control the price in line with their affordable quality ethos.

Why choose Revolax?

Area’s in which Revolax excels: 

  • Highly durable -Revolax lasts up to 18months
  • High degree of cross linking- monophasic with dense structure and high degree of cross linkage: like Revolax
  • Product does not migrate away easily from intended site of injection- Revolax has a low phase angle which prevents this.
  • Product holds it’s form well and is not prone to misshaping- Revolax is highly visco-elastic which means it holds it’s shape well but it is still malleable and maintains movement.
  • High concentration of HA in product, it is generally accepted that anything over 20mg/ml is the best – Revolax has 24mg/ml
  • Easy to handle in the syringe- Revolax has a regular extrusion force of 16N throughout the expulsion of the product
  • European Medical CE mark (legal requirement) – Revolax holds full European Medical CE accreditation.
  • Listed with insurance companies – Revolax is a listed product with all the main UK medical insurance brokers.

The reality is that the science backs up this premium product, holding it in the same regard as market leading monophasic dermal fillers. Therefore with the reassurance you get from the backing of all of the major insurance companies, the confidence of a medical CE and science that speaks for itself, Revolax is the ultimate product when it comes to amazing quality at a reasonable price.

Written by Rachel Sawers MPharm MSc MRPharmS (Pharmacist IP)
Fox Group International