Craig Hough chats to REVOLAX Ambassador Dr Glyn Estebanez about the brand

How do you work with REVOLAX as a company?

As a training surgeon and experienced facial aesthetician, who has enjoyed using REVOLAX dermal fillers for about two years, I was absolutely delighted when I was asked to work with them in promoting a product that I passionately believe in.

For those that don’t know, how would you explain REVOLAX Dermal Filler?

REVOLAX is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. It’s essentially a gel that is composed of strands of hyaluronic acid that are naturally found in our skin and help to keep it refreshed and young looking, allowing us to restore lost volume to the face or add definition to achieve more aesthetically pleasing results.

REVOLAX is a product that was released to great success in South Korea about 8 years ago. The South Korean aesthetic industry is widely regarded as one of the most respected and pioneering sectors and therefore when REVOLAX became established as one of the leading brands, people around the world sat up and took notice.

Fox Group brought REVOLAX to the UK market three years ago and since then has taken the industry by storm, replacing well established but relatively out of date filler products as being one of the UK’s leading brands.

How are they different to other fillers?

The unique way in which REVOLAX is produced allows it to stand apart from competitor products. As well as containing a high purity of hyaluronic acid, these molecules are cross-linked in a very specific way that enables the product to be malleable, integrated naturally with the tissues and also be long lasting.

Additionally, once injected into the tissues, REVOLAX is able to maintain the natural-looking lift that we want compared to other products which will lose this lift as the product migrates, leading to disappointed clients. It’s this fantastic combination of qualities as well as affordability which set REVOLAX apart and explain why it’s become so popular.

REVOLAX has three different products within the range; Fine, Deep and Sub-Q, what do each offer?

Each of the three products are designed to have different consistencies which make them perfectly suited for treating different areas of the face and achieving specific results.

REVOLAX Sub-Q is the thickest of the range and is used when we want to add volume and hold, particularly in areas such as the cheeks, jawline, chin, nose and temples.

REVOLAX Deep is a medium consistency product which balances volumising and flexibility, therefore it’s ideal for treating areas such as the lips and lines in the peri-oral region.

REVOLAX Fine is the lightest of the products and is designed to be used in very delicate areas such as when treating the tear trough (under eye area) or when achieving a very natural lip augmentation in an older client.

When undertaking full face treatments on my clients, it’s using a combination Sub-Q, Deep and Fine which enables me to create a rejuvenated, harmonised and natural looking result that they desire.

What would you say are the benefits of REVOLAX Dermal Fillers?

From an aesthetician’s perspective, REVOLAX is a really high-quality product, behaves exactly how I want it to when injected underneath the surface of the skin and importantly is extremely safe for my clients.

From a client’s perspective, REVOLAX provides the very natural looking results that my clients desire and also because of its cost effectiveness it means that clients are able to finally afford full-face rejuvenation treatment plans that had previously been unattainable, without having to sacrifice on quality.

What areas do the fillers work on and how long do they last?

The REVOLAX filler range (Sub-Q, Deep and Fine) have been designed to allow treatment of all areas of the face (cheek, jawline, chin, lips, tear troughs, temples, nose etc).

They have great longevity, ranging from up to 12 months for REVOLAX Fine to up to 18 months for REVOLAX Sub-Q.