REVOLAX makes quality affordable… but how?

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The newest HA Dermal Filler on the European market has already changed the face of the industry, combining high quality with affordability. Clinical studies have proven that REVOLAX is equal in quality to the leading dermal filler brands on the market and can easily play in the big leagues. Now we want to answer the question, how REVOLAX can combine fair costs with its high-class standards.

The answer to how REVOLAX can maintain its affordability ethos without compromising its product quality is simple: Fox Group is the only UK and German rights holder of REVOLAX, meaning they obtain the products directly from the manufacturer and own the only two official distributors: Fox Clinic Wholesale and Fox Pharma. This means there are no middlemen, meaning no increased prices and no additional costs. Instead of raising the prices for profit, Fox Clinic Wholesale and Fox Pharma pass those savings on to their customers, which means you can access the high-quality REVOLAX products at the lowest possible cost.

The product itself is of the highest quality and on par with all of its high-end competitors. REVOLAX has got a CE Class III approval which means, the product line has been checked thoroughly to see if it meets the EU health, safety and environmental regulations for medical devices. These rigorous checks are necessary for medical products to be distributed in Europe. The CE approval seal also means that REVOLAX is in compliance with EU legislations and can, therefore, be shipped across Europe.

All REVOLAX products undergo strict quality checks and dialysis processes to meet ISO standards. The result is an exceptional product which can easily play in the big leagues of dermal fillers.

By not having to pay other distributors, Fox Group is able to keep the prices low while providing an excellent product which fulfills all quality and safety requirements necessary for distribution in Europe and that is how REVOLAX makes quality affordable.

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