For years, South Korea has established itself on the global market and keeps presenting one innovative product after another. They gave us the first MP3 Player, Samsung electronics and Nano 3D printing. K-Pop flooded European radios in 2012 when PSY brought us Gangnam Style and is now more popular than ever thanks to the boy band BTS. With all these imports coming our way it was only a matter of time until it finally happened: Korea has taken over the Western market of aesthetic products and leaves the beauty community breathless and scrambling to play catch up. The country that popularised BB creams, a staple in many make up bags, has established itself with its sheer variety of K-Beauty trends. Thanks to social media their beauty secrets are finally being shared with the rest of the world and give us the opportunity to try and fall in love with the newly added variety. But Korea is not just in the market of inventing new products; they also take established beauty favorites and improve what is already there. Instead of messily applying face masks to the skin, sheet masks can now be found in every drugstore and most companies immediately jumped on board with the popular K-beauty trend and added them to their product lines.

The Korean market has been booming for years with anti-aging products and ways to maintain youth and beauty. The latest improvement coming from the newly crowned beauty capital, is REVOLAX; A safe and low risk product which stands out because of its low price and outstanding quality. It is a monophasic dermal filler with an undisputed value-for-money ratio. Due to its unique cross-linking properties and low phase angle, REVOLAX stays in place for up to 18 months and beats its competitors with long lasting effects. The six-year-old brand has already established itself as South Korea’s No.1 dermal filler and is now taking the UK by storm. A filler for thin wallets, which stays in place and lasts longer is the dream many aesthetics enthusiasts have been waiting to develop and now it’s here (airpunch). Korean women are known for happily testing out new beauty products and notorious for jumping from one trend to the next. Which is kudos to REVOLAX, in that it has proven itself in a competitive market and sustained a huge customer base despite the fast changing trends in the aesthetic industry. With its three varieties, REVOLAX offers different levels of complex viscosities and therefore has a product for each application area. No matter if you are looking for a way to shape your lips or get rid of those crows feet, REVOLAX has got you covered.

South Korea has proven over and over again that its imports and innovations are to be reckoned with. It did not grow into the 11th largest economy by chance. The products distributed to the Western market are growing more and more popular. A world without Samsung phones successfully competing against its competitors is almost impossible to imagine and just like the electronic industry, the realm of beauty and aesthetics is bowing down to its new capital in the far East and welcoming its innovations with open arms.