Originally from the beauty capital of the world, South Korea, the dermal filler has fast become one of the leading dermal fillers. With pioneering cross-linking technology, the dermal filler contains a unique consistency and stability that makes it easy to see how REVOLAX has made such an impact within the Asian beauty market.

Since the introduction of the dermal filler product into the UK industry in 2016 by Fox Group, REVOLAX has since made an equally impressive mark on the cosmetics and aesthetics market and gained the title of the Nation’s favourite dermal filler. In our latest blog, we’re giving an insight into the product range with a complete guide to REVOLAX.

The Product Range and Injection Areas.

Making up the REVOLAX product range, REVOLAX Fine, REVOLAX Deep and REVOLAX Sub-Q each work in different ways to allow for optimum results depending on your clients needs and wants.  Whilst REVOLAX Fine works to treat superficial lines, REVOLAX Deep works to treat deep nasolabial folds and REVOLAX Sub-Q fills severely deep lines. With differing internal structures, longevity and injection areas, we believe it’s a great idea to investigate the best places that each REVOLAX product is suited for.


As the least viscose within the range, REVOLAX Fine lasts for 8-12 months whilst REVOLAX Deep and Sub-Q last for 12-18 months due to the highly structured, monophasic and densely linked HA polymers. All REVOLAX dermal fillers hold a shelf life of 24 months.

Fox Academy x REVOLAX

Fox Academy is the official training partner of REVOLAX. With facilities in Warrington and London, the specifically designed, high-tech training academy aims to provide a 360-degree learning experience to delegates with a strong focus on supervised practical training. Furthermore, Fox Academy supplies industry professionals with the confidence and techniques to provide REVOLAX dermal filler treatments within their own clinic. For more information on Fox Academy or to book your next REVOLAX masterclass, head over to the latest website > https://foxacademy.co.uk/