The Dos and Don’ts of Dermal Fillers

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Long gone are the days of lip fillers being discussed in hushed tones and the inside of clinics remaining a mysterious room to the majority. Thanks to social media, influencers and celebrities, dermal fillers have become as easy to book as a nail appointment. Take a look at our guide to tackle the do’s and don’ts of dermal fillers.

DO your research on your aesthetic doctor

Your aesthetic doctor should be someone you trust and, ideally someone that has a wealth of experience practicing within the industry. Not only will they be familiar with carrying out the procedures and understanding their patients, but they’ll also be used to working with the dermal filler product.

DON’T overfill

As the age-old saying goes, sometimes less is more! Talk to your doctor, dentist or nurse about your desired outcome and listen to their recommendations on how to achieve a natural end-result. It may be worthwhile to discuss multiple treatments in smaller doses of filler rather than a larger amount of filler in one treatment.

DO book in for a consultation prior to treatment

Booking in for a consultation means you can not only meet your aesthetic practitioner but get a feel for your treatment and discuss the best options for your desired results. Additionally, a consultation can help clearly communicate the investment of time and money to achieve the end goals.

DON’T apply heavy makeup post-procedure

Embrace your natural face for the foreseeable future following your dermal filler procedure. We recommend keeping a fresh face for 12 hours afterwards in order to keep the injection site clear, safe and with suitable time for healing.

When will you book in for your dermal filler treatment? We’d love to help with the procedure. If you’re on the lookout for some extra help, our customer service team and pharmacists are always happy to help.

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