For thousands of years people have been looking for the fountain of youth and tried to find ways to look young forever. While immortality stays a concept of vampire fiction, maintaining a youthful appearance is no longer impossible. For decades, science has improved products for reducing wrinkles and plumping hollow cheeks and thin lips.

The face of the aesthetic industry is fresh and advanced. More people than ever are looking for a way to look as young as they feel but a statistic conducted in Germany in 2016 shows that only 49.4% of women and only 32.7% of men would tell their friends about nips and tucks and only 43% of all male patients would tell their life partner about it.

With celebrities coming out about their enhancements and shining a brighter light on the aesthetics industry, this is the most open society has ever been about it. The demand for lip enhancements and facelifts has increased over the past years and celebrities like the Kardashians have made augmentations almost mainstream. However, the stigma is still very much alive.

Images of grotesque looking people with plastic looking skin have made us associate dermal fillers and injections with mask like appearances but they don’t represent the possibilities that dermal fillers offer.

Products like REVOLAX have the best technology on the market to create a natural look without the ‘plastic effect’.

With REVOLAX you can define your jawline, augment your nose and fill your lips without scalpels, anaesthesia and recovery time in hospital beds. The easily mouldable consistence of REVOLAX makes it easy to get the shape you like and its low phase angle keeps the filler in place where its supposed to be. A safe and cheap alternative to permanent treatments that will give you the perfect pout you desire without surgery. It has never been so easy to get the looks you want.

So, until some brave adventurer finds the fountain of youth, dermal fillers are the best option we have to maintaining a youthful complexion but you can be assured, if said fountain is ever found, it won’t be kept a secret. So why should your ‘tweakment’ be one?