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Her YouTube channel offers advice to women in their 40s and has built a loyal follower base of over 200,000 beauty enthusiasts. On her channel Nisha, aka SugarPuffAndFluff, talks about makeup, fashion and anti-aging treatments. The latter is the reason for her trip to London to meet with REVOLAX Ambassador Dr Mark Gorman for a REVOLAX dermal filler treatment. We followed her and documented her experience with the Nation’s favourite dermal filler REVOLAX.

Dermal fillers are a well-known anti-aging treatment and enjoy global popularity. Whether you want to smooth out unwelcome wrinkles or add lost volume to the face, Hyaluronic aid (HA) fillers have the best success rate with long term non-surgical anti-aging treatments. HA fillers like REVOLAX can do a lot for your skin and help you with the signs of aging.

The three fillers offered within the REVOLAX product line – Fine, Deep and Sub-Q – were created for different areas and treatments in the face. Each filler was designed with a different level of thickness which means that there is a product for every part of the face. All these REVOLAX fillers contain Lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment. As Nisha puts it: ‘I hardly felt any pain. It was actually quite relaxing.’

REVOLAX’s monophasic structure allows for the gel to integrate itself into the tissue to ensure a natural look and, after a short period of time, a natural feel as well. ‘The filler just became one with my own tissue. I wouldn’t be able to tell where it is. It just feels very, very natural’, explains Nisha. REVOLAX offers support without compromising facial expressions and preserves the natural appearance.

One of the biggest benefits of REVOLAX is the instant result. While some swelling after the treatment is normal and can be expected, the outcome of the procedure is visible immediately. No long waiting time for the desired change and no uncertainty surrounding whether the results will turn out as expected. The immediate results are a big benefit of dermal filler and Nisha agrees: ‘I love seeing instant results. Maybe that’s why I’m so into fillers because I like how quickly you can rejuvenate your face and also the results are instant.’

Nisha highlights another advantage of REVOLAX: ‘The reason I love dermal fillers is because they are not permanent. They are hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in your body anyway and it wears off with time.’ Unlike permanent fillers, HA dermal fillers offer no everlasting results. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance within the body and is biodegraded over time which means your face can change with your personal style and taste and it doesn’t involve the commitment of a permanent change.

All in all, REVOLAX has the ability to rejuvenate and smooth faces with immediate effect, barely any downtime and no permanent commitment. ‘I’m really happy with REVOLAX,’ says Nisha, ‘it made me look fresher, plumper and makes me feel more confident. I absolutely love the results. It’s so much more than I expected.’

With an audience of over 200,000 people, Nisha is absolutely convinced that getting REVOLAX was the right choice for her. Dermal fillers are the most promising non-surgical procedures in term of anti-aging treatments and will continue to rise in popularity.

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