In the current time where a dermal filler appointment can be carried out on a lunch break, with the commonality of a haircut or nail appointment, the world of dermal fillers has become increasingly popular. Before dipping a toe into the waters of injectable tweakments, we’re sharing the most important questions to ask your aesthetician when considering a dermal filler treatment. 

“What do your current before-and-after images look like?”

An experienced aesthetician will proudly show you their work from previous clients and explain their techniques to achieve the end result. Looking at their before-and-after images can be a great way to get to know the style of your aesthetician and gives an insight into what your results may look like too. If you don’t like the results of previous clients, or don’t fit the vibe of the aesthetician and their clinic, it’s always fine to politely decline the treatment following a consultation. 

“What results can I receive?”

For first timers, aestheticians may choose to take a lighter stance on the treatment, such as using less filler than usual to ease into the process of dermal filler treatments. This first appointment is the foundation of relationship building, educating on the procedures and client’s facial structure and for the aesthetician to understand the insecurities of the patient too, in order to best combat these with the dermal filler treatment. 

Aesthetic surgeon, founder of London’s Rejuvedoc clinic and REVOLAX ambassador, Dr Mark Gorman comments, ‘Dermal fillers are a great way to replace what is naturally lost over time, such as elasticity and hydration. With an experienced aesthetician carrying out a patient’s treatment, there should be a thorough consultation that takes place where any questions can be asked. This is also a really good way for the patient to get to know their aesthetician and build a trusting bond that can make the experience run smoother too.’

What happens if I hate it? 

With a thorough consultation with your aesthetician prior to your treatment, there’s very little chance you’ll hate your treatment as you’ll be armed with all the information before treatment day. Dermal fillers can take up to 2 weeks for swelling to disappear and for the filler to settle in the skin however, if you hate it, hyaluronic acid fillers, including REVOLAX, can be dissolved quickly and easily using the enzyme, hyaluronidase.   

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