REVOLAX is shipped in a pre-filled 1.1ml syringe. The product consists of 1ml crosslinked hyaluronic acid of the highest purity and 0.1ml of Lidocaine to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the client.

The reason why REVOLAX is not sold in smaller quantities is that REVOLAX has such a great value for money that any lower volume would not be cost-effective.

Fox Clinic Wholesale sources REVOLAX directly from the manufacturer and has no in-between distributers or salesmen which makes it such a good value for money product.

With REVOLAX, 1ml costs as much as you would pay for 0.5ml of another filler of lesser or equal quality which makes the current quantity the most economical.

Even though REVOLAX does not provide lower quantities for smaller treatments, we strongly advise against storing the left-over product in the syringe for another treatment due to bacterial growth and risk of bodily contamination.