Why is REVOLAX So Affordable?

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Here at REVOLAX, affordable quality underpins the essence of our brand. We promise our customers to only supply REVOLAX dermal fillers that we know they would be proud to stock in their clinics but we often get asked why our model allows for great products to be stocked at the most affordable prices. Whether you’re one of our loved, loyal customers or an equally as important new member of our REVOLAX Revolution, we’d love to give you an insight into how it works around here.

We’ll let you into a secret. The price of manufacturing fillers remains fairly consistent for all brands. This means that purchasing the raw products from the manufacturer stays at a set, or very similar, price however, they are often largely inflated in order to sell to distributers at a higher rate. The prices are increased depending on the business decisions of the intermediary seller, the amount of people involved and how much the brand wishes the product to be marked up for sales and marketing purposes. Additionally, prices can often also be increased by manufacturers who choose to do so due to long estabilished brand names.

Dermal filler companies often increase the price of products for customers due to the inclusion of stakeholders, their sales and marketing set up and the level of tiered distribution. When brands include tier 1 and 2 distributors and stakeholders, the prices are often increased at each level before giving customers an inflated price in comparison to the originally purchased product price from the manufacturer.

As Fox Group companies, including Fox Pharma and Fox Clinic Wholesale, are the official UK rightsholder of REVOLAX, the dermal filler range of products are directly obtained from the manufacturer which means no middlemen, no increased prices and no additional costs. REVOLAX comes straight from the manufacturer to our distribution centre and therefore, costs are saved which allows us to sell REVOLAX at the same low prices. A lower price tag doesn’t mean we skip on quality as REVOLAX products are infact at a higher standard than other cosmetic competitors however, we simply cut the middle steps out. This also allows us to ensure that all our products are exactly how we want them to be such as containing a CE mark on the packaging which tells us that they’re approved by governmental standards and a safe product to sell to our customers.

Instead of raising the prices for profit, REVOLAX UK pass the savings on to their customers, which means you can access the high-quality products at the lowest cost possible.

At REVOLAX, we always have the best interest of our customers at heart and enjoy seeing their clinics flourish with the help of our products, customer service team and help. When will you find your new favourite dermal filler?  We’d love to help you!

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