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Formulated with the highest-quality hyaluronic acid, REVOLAX dermal filler gives you the freedom to be the real you. Creating flawless, natural-looking results, REVOLAX enhances, sculpts and volumises your features, embodying confidence, sass and main character energy.

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REVOLAX looks good on everyone. Offering universally flawless results with a long-lasting, natural-looking finish, The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler delivers every time. Discover our interactive guide for the low-down on all of the REVOLAX treatment possibilities.

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REVOLAX syringe on pink and blue background

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How often can you have dermal fillers?

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REVOLAX complete lidocaine dermal filler range on a pink and purple background

Is REVOLAX High Risk?

There has been a growing interest in dermal fillers in recent years due to the…

Man holding a box of REVOLAX Fine dermal filler

Is REVOLAX Fine Good for Lips?

In recent years, lip augmentation has become increasingly popular as many strive for a fuller…

How Long Does REVOLAX Filler Take To Settle?

Here at REVOLAX, we know that getting dermal fillers is an exciting journey, one that…

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