Lip fillers are a minimally invasive procedure and that means there’s very little you need to do to recover from the treatment. With that being said, there are a few aspects of lip filler aftercare which are key to minimising bruising and swelling and getting the best possible results. 

Thousands  of people choose REVOLAX for their lip filler treatments because they know they’re going to get natural-looking results from the very best quality hyaluronic acid formula. It’s also because they trust us to give them the down low on how to look after their gorgeous new lips. So, let’s jump into this guide to aftercare for lip fillers! 

Immediate post-procedure lip filler aftercare

If you’re wondering, how long does REVOLAX filler take to settle? The answer is not long at all. Though it takes up to 6-8 weeks to be fully integrated with your lips, after one or two weeks, you should have very little swelling and no side effects.

During these first two weeks, it’s important to:

  • Follow a careful skincare routine. Gently cleanse the area and apply an SPF lip balm, but avoid exfoliating or applying any lip treatments. 
  • Stay hydrated. The hyaluronic acid in REVOLAX fillers draws in water; drinking plenty ensures that you can avoid chapping and peeling and ensure maximum volume. 
  • Avoid flying. Sorry jetsetters, cabin pressure can cause bruising and swelling so it’s best to schedule your lip filler appointment at least two weeks before you go away. 
  • Drink without straws. Although great for preserving your flawless lipstick, straws can place pressure on your new lips.
  • Avoid facial massages and skin treatments. Done too soon after treatment, these can cause the filler to move from where you want it. 

What’s more, for only 24-48 hours after getting lip filler, you should: 

  • Use an ice pack. This is the ONE for reducing swelling and bruising.  
  • Avoid touching or massaging the lips. This helps you to reduce the impact of swelling. After the first two days, you can begin to use light pressure to massage the lips like your aesthetic practitioner should have shown you.
  • Avoid smoking. Pursing your lips to take a drag of your cigarette places pressure on them and can cause lip filler to move. 
  • Skip wines with the girls. Alcohol dehydrates you and can make swelling worse so you should avoid drinking for the first day after having lip filler treatment. 
  • Avoid excessive salt. This includes heavily processed foods as these can dehydrate you and make swelling worse.
  • Dodge intense exercise. You’ll be glad to know you finally have an excuse to avoid anything other than walking! 
  • Avoid hot temperatures. Sorry, you’ll have to skip the sauna during this time. 

Managing swelling and bruising

Staying hydrated is key to managing swelling and supporting cell recovery. But if you want to take extra steps to avoid swelling and bruising after your fillers, you can:

  • Eat an extra healthy diet. Fruits and veggies are filled with vitamins and minerals that can support the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Use an arnica gel. This is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can decrease bruising by boosting blood flow. 
  • Sleep with your head elevated. No need to go all princess and the pea, but adding an extra pillow can reduce blood flow to your lips which reduces the likelihood of swelling.

Follow-up appointments

Don’t forget to schedule a follow-up appointment two weeks after you get lip filler. This will allow your aesthetic practitioner to monitor your results and ensure there are no signs of complications (though they are super unlikely, especially when you complete your treatment with someone highly skilled).

Understanding REVOLAX filler

Because hyaluronic acid is naturally found within the body, REVOLAX lip fillers can come with fewer side effects like swelling. We also include the local anaesthetic lidocaine in our formulation for less downtime. This means you can soon get back to your usual life with better lips than ever! Just check out these REVOLAX results for yourself if you don’t believe us!
Still wondering what is REVOLAX? Read more on the REVOLAX blog. Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to help!