The face of the aesthetic industry is fresh and advanced

For thousands of years people have been looking for the fountain of youth and tried to find ways to look young forever. While immortality stays a concept of vampire fiction, maintaining a youthful appearance is no longer impossible. For decades, science has improved products for reducing wrinkles and plumping hollow cheeks [...]

REVOLAX, South Korean Dermal Filler – The Best Import Since Samsung

For years, South Korea has established itself on the global market and keeps presenting one innovative product after another. They gave us the first MP3 Player, Samsung electronics and Nano 3D printing. K-Pop flooded European radios in 2012 when PSY brought us Gangnam Style and is now more popular than ever thanks [...]

Revolax, the aesthetics industry best kept secret? Not for much longer!

Revolax is the latest Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler to be sweeping the market and to understand the reasons for it's expanding success it is necessary to examine the product in comparison with it's main rivals. Revolax has been approved by the MHRA and has under gone clinical trials, further information about [...]