Many people experience some swelling after a dermal filler treatment. Sensitive areas like the lips can cause a little extra discomfort, and it can be hard to see the results of the treatment until the swelling subsides. We know how to reduce bruising and swelling after lip fillers to help you achieve the best results with minimal discomfort. 

Why Does Post-Filler Swelling Happen?

Swelling is a common occurrence after lip injections, but in most cases, it need not be a cause for concern. The level of swelling may vary from person to person, with a gradual decrease over time. It’s usually at its maximum levels during the 48 hour window immediately after treatment, and most of the significant swelling should subside after 1-2 weeks. But why does this happen?
When you undergo a lip filler procedure, your body naturally responds to the minor trauma caused by the needle. This response triggers inflammation, leading to swelling. REVOLAX is a market-leading dermal filler backed by industry-leading surgeons and aesthetic practitioners. With our formulas, and they can be used in many areas of the face too, not just the lips. Wherever REVOLAX is applied it provides the same long lasting results.

How to Reduce Bruising and Swelling after Lip Fillers

The first 48 hours after your lip filler procedure are crucial for managing swelling. Immediate post-treatment care tips include using ice and cold compresses to soothe and reduce inflammation. It is also recommended to keep your head elevated during sleep or rest to promote a comfortable healing process. 
Remember, these are general tips. Always follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner. They can help you design a recovery program that will help you reduce swelling, help it to subside quickly, and leave you with longer lasting results from your REVOLAX lip filler treatment.

Supporting Your Skin After Lip Fillers

Maintaining proper hydration and nutrition is key for a smooth recovery. Hydrated skin heals faster and looks healthier. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins from your body, which can reduce swelling and inflammation. Nutrition also plays a vital role in healing. Consuming a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can also give your skin some extra support during the recovery process.

Always Follow Your Practitioner’s Aftercare Recommendations

Your practitioner knows best when it comes to aftercare, so make sure you ask them any questions you have. They understand your individual needs and can provide personalised advice to ensure you achieve optimal results. 

Some post-treatment swelling is normal, and should not be a cause for concern though it can come as a shock. If you are concerned about severe swelling, or you notice an unusual amount of swelling, always contact a medical professional. Remember, minimising swelling after lip fillers is entirely possible with the right knowledge and care.

Trust the Process

Everyone’s lip filler recovery journey is unique, so be patient with your body and trust the process. It’s important to remember that the results of the procedure are not immediate. Swelling and bruising may mask the final outcome for a few days or even weeks.

With REVOLAX, you can trust in the quality and incredible results promised. After all, it’s no wonder we are ‘The Nation’s Favourite Dermal Filler’. Trust the process, follow the aftercare instructions, and soon enough you will be enjoying your new and beautifully enhanced lips.
Remember, REVOLAX is here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your practitioner. With the right care and patience, you can reduce swelling after lip fillers and enjoy the stunning results you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s to a smooth recovery and gorgeous, plump lips!