There has been a growing interest in dermal fillers in recent years due to the growing demand for youthful and enhancing cosmetic treatments. This has led to more individuals exploring the cosmetic enhancements that are out there. If you know anything about the world of dermal fillers then you’ll likely be familiar with REVOLAX. With a strong reputation in the industry, REVOLAX is a popular option for those new to dermal fillers who are looking for a safe way to achieve their appearance goals. 

But it is important that every individual fully understands the benefits and potential risks that come with any procedure. So we have put together this article that will shed light on REVOLAX, discuss what are the risks of lip fillers, and establish the reasons why REVOLAX is a brand you can trust. 

Understanding REVOLAX

REVOLAX has become a renowned name in the dermal fillers industry and its growing popularity has led to many patients considering it as an option when looking to enhance their appearance. REVOLAX is composed primarily of hyaluronic acid which is a substance that is already present in our skin naturally. REVOLAX works by smoothing lines, restoring skin, and enhancing facial contours. 

Due to the many benefits of REVOLAX, it can be used in many different cosmetic treatments, from the softening of wrinkles, to lip augmentation and reducing facial folds. Another factor that has contributed to REVOLAX’s growing popularity is the natural looking results it can provide. REVOLAX can be applied smoothly into the skin to enhance your appearance seamlessly and without having to go through invasive surgical procedures. 

What are the risks of lip fillers? 

When looking into lip augmentation treatments, it is important to be well-informed and ensure you have considered any potential risks.

Well of course, no matter how minimally invasive, every cosmetic procedure comes with its own set of potential risks. This is why it is so important that you fully understand the procedure before undergoing any treatment. While REVOLAX is renowned for its exceptional safety profile, it is important to acknowledge that, like any other dermal filler available, there is a possibility of complications occurring, including:  

  • Bruising 
  • Swelling 
  • Infection 
  • Allergic reactions (these are rare).

While these side effects only occur rarely, it is crucial that as a patient you are aware and fully understand them before any treatment takes place. You should also be aware that while all dermal fillers have some level of risk associated with them, the skill and experience of the practitioner performing the procedure has an impact on the risk of complications. Therefore, you should always consult with a highly skilled and experienced aesthetic practitioner before agreeing to any treatment. 

The importance of a qualified practitioner

So now that we’ve answered ‘what are the risks of lip fillers’, it is crucial that you do what you can to limit the risks you could be exposed to. The most important is your choice of aesthetic practitioner. You should only ever use a qualified, licensed, and experienced practitioner who is equipped with the knowledge required to administer filler. They should also have the skills and experience required to manage any potential complications. 

A skilled aesthetic practitioner will have all the information and understanding of facial anatomy so that they can place the filler accurately to achieve the best results. They should also be able to follow your guidance and aim for the end results that you’re hoping for. A qualified aesthetic practitioner will also be able to minimise the risk of infection with tight hygiene standards and guidelines, both for themselves and their patients. 

Here is a list of things we recommend you research and look out for to ensure you’ve found the right qualified practitioner for you. 

  • Check the practitioner’s credentials to ensure that they are fully licensed and trained for dermal filler treatments – don’t be afraid to ask for certificates and proof of insurance as a professional wouldn’t think twice about providing these to you. 
  • Take the time to find testimonials and reviews from previous patients. Even better if you can find real-life experiences from friends/family. 
  • ALWAYS have a consultation about the treatment before it takes place. This is your chance to ask questions, explain what you’re trying to achieve and check the aesthetic practitioner’s expertise. 

In a world where cosmetic treatments are always changing and developing, the REVOLAX range and the expertise of a qualified practitioner is the perfect combination to lower any potential risks that could occur. While there are risks with any procedure, by fully understanding that REVOLAX is not itself high-risk, educating yourself before finding the right practitioner, and having open communication with them, you can enjoy a safe treatment with results you’re happy with. 

Keen to find out which REVOLAX products are best for the treatment areas you’re looking for? For more information or for help with any questions you may have contact REVOLAX today.