Dermal Fillers are a great way to enhance your natural beauty when injected correctly. However, sometimes when areas are overfilled with product, results can shift from accentuating and balancing the features to distorting them. Influencer and entrepreneur Molly Mae has spoken candidly about her filler journey. REVOLAX investigates what went wrong and how you can achieve natural looking filler.

What Filler Has Molly Mae Had?

Molly Mae wanted to sharpen the appearance of her jawline but ended up adding unwanted heaviness to her lower face. Speaking on her YouTube channel, Molly Mae said ‘it looked like I had jowls.’ Following her Love Island appearance and success, Molly Mae underwent a drastic transformation.

Speaking on the Diary of a CEO podcast, she said ‘I thought I needed to get jaw, cheek and lip filler to be a successful influencer like the girls on Instagram are,’ she said. ‘It’s all editing, now I realise. By the age of 21, I didn’t look like the same person.’ The notable change in her appearance led fans to question ‘does Molly Mae have jaw filler?’

‘There was this one pivotal moment where I’d got loads of filler in my jaw,’ she explains, ‘I posted a video post-procedure, when I was still really swollen. A screenshot of that video was trending on Twitter for weeks. It was horrendous. I realised I’d taken it too far.’

Does Molly Mae Have Lip Filler?

Molly Mae has had multiple lip filler treatments in the past. She became unhappy with the appearance of her lips and documented her filler dissolving journey on YouTube. Molly expressed her concerns about her lips appearing overfilled, ‘They’ve got lumps in, they’ve got bumps in, they’re uneven. I reckon in total I’ve probably got about 5ml of filler in these altogether.’

So where did Molly Mae’s fillers go wrong? Speaking to REVOLAX, expert in natural aesthetic enhancements, Dr Haffar said ‘‘Practitioners who overfill treatment areas by adding too much product or filling incorrectly, can enable complications such as filler lumps, or excess product outside of the treatment area which can lead to swelling or inflammation… incorrect filler placement can completely ruin your results.’

Overfilling is an error that can lead to a host of complications such as migration or unevenness. Molly Mae admitted, ‘Ive made so many mistakes when it comes to filler and work done on my face.’ Dr Haffar explains, ‘With dermal fillers, a little can go a long way and the client does not always realise how much can be done with such a small amount of filler. The goal is always to enhance a client’s natural beauty and sometimes even though a client comes to get a lot of filler, they often find that they like the look created with less.’

After getting her fillers dissolved with Hyalase, Molly experienced some initial swelling, which is typical of the procedure before her lips returned to their pre-treatment size.

Molly Mae before and after filler dissolving:

Reflecting on her aesthetic treatment journey, she warned, ‘One thing I do wish I had done when I was younger was to have waited until I knew a proper place where I could go where they’d be done and look so natural.’ Dr Haffar reiterates the importance of prior research and finding a practitioner who specialises in creating natural-looking results, stating that fillers should be ‘‘used in a way to enhance the facial features that are there, not changing them completely.’

Molly Mae admitted, ‘after years of going to different people, I ended up with botched lips. it was not doing my research and not really knowing what I was doing, like ‘yeah make my lips look like Kylie Jenner’s’ and that’s just not how it works.’

How to Make Lip Fillers Look Natural:

So, how can you make sure that your filler looks natural and enhances your natural lip shape? Dr Haffar says, ‘to avoid overdoing injectables, we recommend regular top-ups and avoiding using too much product in one go. This is why it’s incredibly important to go with a trusted, experienced practitioner, and avoid comparing results on social platforms.’

He explains that alongside starting with a small amount of filler such as 0.5ml, achieving a natural look is down to the placement of the filler. ‘To achieve a natural look, it’s about the placement of the filler. Ensuring the product does not overfill beyond the vermillion border is essential. During treatment, I am constantly checking product placement. Since REVOLAX is curated from hyaluronic acid and has high visco-elasticity, it can create incredibly natural-looking results.’

In 2023 we are seeing a lot of the ‘dissolve to do-over’ trend. Dr Haffar says, ‘clients are replacing bigger, oversized lips with smaller, more natural-looking enhancements that are more similar to their original size and shape.’ Dissolving fillers that have migrated and then gradually building up volume using small quantities of dermal filler is the best way to restore a natural look. Dr Haffar agreed, ‘I feel like the last year has seen a greater appreciation for everyone’s natural beauty and embracing a more natural look is becoming the new trend. I expect that this will continue to grow into 2023 as more celebrities are now embracing their natural beauty.’

Check out our Emily Miller blog post or Faye Winter’s Lip Journey for more celebrities that have decided to take their filler down the natural route. REVOLAX is available to shop at Fox Pharma.