Here at REVOLAX we’re all about fierce confidence as we head into our favourite season – party season! It seems like everyone is booked and busy with a full calendar of festivities, so take our quiz to find out which REVOLAX party personality you are and the treatment that matches your energy!

Which REVOLAX Party Personality Are You?

Dancefloor Diva

Signature Scent: YSL Black Opium or Ariana Grande Cloud
Go-to Makeup Look: A bold lip
Ultimate Party Destination: Ibiza
Perfect Night: Karaoke, Club Classics, Dancing ‘til the early hours!

The dance floor diva is the ultimate party icon. Loud and confident, she commands every room and wants all of her besties to live life to the full. Dancefloor Diva loves partying and she’s definitely not shy. A natural flirt, this diva is down for karaoke every time and isn’t afraid to own the dancefloor until her feet hurt!

Your Treatment Match: REVOLAX Lip Filler

If you’re looking forward to dancing the night away with a perfect stranger and possibly sneaking a kiss under the mistletoe this year, then lip filler is for you. Whether you’re wanting to add some juicy volume to the centre of the lips with the Cherry Lips look, or you prefer the pouty defined border of the Russian Lips style, a REVOLAX enhancement is the perfect partner to your bold red lip.

REVOLAX Deep is our party diva. Offering bold volume and sculpting, she’s here to own the night and with 9-12 months longevity, she goes on and on, just like you! 

The Night Owl 

Signature Scent: Something dark, sultry, and oh so niche
Go-to Makeup Look: A grunge smokey eye
Ultimate Party Destination: New York
Perfect Night: An underground speakeasy or a warehouse rave with her fashionista friends

The night owl is a child of the moon and the ultimate cool girl. She’s a wallflower and a bookworm but she loves partying into the early hours, shunning anything mainstream. Her wardrobe is 100% vintage Depop and she spends the whole night secretly hoping that her film pictures turn out well. 

Treatment Match: Marionette Lines

Whilst smokey eyes are part of this party girl’s aesthetic, she wants to wake up looking refreshed for her library dates and coffee shop mornings. The inevitability of late nights and one too many cocktails, fine lines are no match for a little dose of REVOLAX. This treatment is the Night Owl’s little secret. Fine line filler gently fills and refines the appearance of lines to create a smoother-looking complexion.

REVOLAX Fine is the understated cool girl, but make no mistake, she’s as fierce as they come. REVOLAX Fine is formulated with a thinner viscosity than her counterparts Deep and Sub-Q. Her thinner formula helps to ensure a naturally enhanced result so that the Night Owl can remain mysterious.

The Insta Babe

Signature Scent: Baccarat Rouge 540 all the way!
Go-to Makeup Look: Siren eyes and glowy skin
Ultimate Party Destination: Paris
Perfect Night: Cocktails at a rooftop bar or an exclusive yacht party

She’s fierce, she’s fabulous and she’s all about the aesthetic. The Insta babe loves the finer things in life and can be found sitting pretty at an expensive table in the club. Her makeup is always flawless and so are her selfies. She likes to spoil herself, after all, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

Treatment Match: Profile Balancing with REVOLAX

Profile balancing is the selfie queen’s secret weapon. A sharp jawline and enviable profile are at the top of the Insta Babe’s wishlist. Creating a picture-perfect profile is a fine art and a skilled practitioner will distribute between 3-5ml of filler into the cheeks, jawline, nose or chin to enhance your best features. Profile balancing is the perfect treatment for a sculpted, model-esque visage.

REVOLAX Sub-Q is the thickest, most viscous and the most long-lasting gel in our dermal filler line-up. Sub-Q shows that you can really have it all, her luxuriously thick formula boasts longevity of 12-18 months to keep your angles looking sharp as you jet-set around the globe in style. REVOLAX Sub-Q is ideal for filling areas such as the cheeks, chin, jawline and nose, Bella Hadid who?!

Whilst some of our REVOLAX party personalities are naturally more organised than others (we’re looking at you Dancefloor Diva) you should aim to book your dermal filler appointment at least two weeks before any major events to give your filler time to settle. This will also allow for any pesky bruising or swelling to disappear. Our fillers last from 9-18 months so we would recommend getting booked in as early as possible to avoid disappointment as the festive season flurry is no joke!

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